3 Great Reasons to Use Travel Promotions This Summer

No matter what industry you’re in, building visibility for your brand or service is a vital part of a successful business model. Read on to learn about three great reasons to use travel products for your next advertising campaign!

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Travel related promotional products are a great way to level-up from local promotions and get even more attention for your organization. When choosing a product that’s useful for customers while they travel, like passport cases and luggage tags, you’re getting exposure in new places that may not have been conscious of your brand before. It’s especially beneficial for the hospitality and other travel-related industries, along with online businesses who don’t have a local base of customers.

One of the great opportunities that comes from choosing travel promotions to generate buzz for your business is the likelihood that your brand will be displayed in densely populated areas. When customers travel for summer vacation, it’s more than likely that they’ll be visiting tons of tourist attractions, beaches and crowded events. That means more eyes on your logo!

One example: A new travel agency gave fanny packs with their business name on the front to the members of a tour group doing an art tour in Rome. The travelers were delighted to have this helpful item provided for them, and the agency name was prominently on display everywhere the group went.

2. Build Positive Association With Your Brand

Once customers get to Hawaii or NYC or wherever their travels take them this summer, they get to relax. But before that happens they have to deal with the only stressful part of vacation: traveling. By providing items like ear plugs and neck pillows to make travelers comfortable during their journey and let them know that you understand the frustrations of flying. Not to mention, it gets your logo into airports, which are some of the best spots around for allowing your brand to reach tons of people in a populated area. Fun fact: according to the FAA, there are over 16 million flights providing service to 19,622 airports every year. Crowds like that create lots of potential for finding new customers.

If your business employs lots of frequent flyers, travel items are a smart items to give your employees. Our selection has plenty of items, like portable power banks and chargers, that can help your traveling employees do their jobs more effectively while they fly for work.

One example: A car service in Chicago provided promotional eye masks to riders on their way to the airport. They helped customers rest on their flights while showing off their logo to the rest of the passengers on the plane.

3. Create Repeat Customers

By providing your customers with giveaways that they keep around even after they return home, you’re giving them a physical reminder to come back. Souvenirs like beach towels and floating keychains encourage repeat business by keeping customers’ positive experience with your service top-of-mind. These items make great promotional tools for hotels, resorts, and tourist spots, along with other travel-related businesses. Plus, it’s a great way to get referrals when your customers display your brand in their hometowns.

One example: An Orlando hotel gave out branded sunglasses to guests during Universal Studios annual 4th of July festival. The visitors sported the sunglasses throughout the event, protecting their eyes and showing off the hotel logo. When they went to their respective hometowns, they had a physical reminder to use the hotel’s fabulous services again when they plan their trip next year.

Promotions With Sky-High Quality

PrintGlobe’s goal is always to gather the highest quality items that will be most effective for your promotional efforts. We offer all kinds of travel accessories for your company to use. Now that the summer vacations have started, there’s never been a better time to order!

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