Pet Promo Products — Get Your Logo into 70% of Households

If you have pets you understand — consumers are willing to go to great lengths for their pets to have everything they want and need. If you don’t have a pet, it’s pretty easy to see. Just check out your friends’ pet instagram accounts or walk down the pet aisle at your local grocery store. They’re an important member of the family in well over half of American homes. With over 300 million pets in more than 80 million households across the U.S., that’s a ton of marketing opportunity for your brand!

Why the Pet Industry is So Successful

With all that pet-love out there, it isn’t surprising that the pet industry is one that holds strong. But what might surprise you is that the industry has proven to be essentially recession-proof. Even at times when the economy has struggled, the pet industry remains mostly unaffected. So, what does that mean? Never underestimate the love of a pet owner. And never underestimate the promotional power of a pet product!

If you run an animal-centric business, pet promotional products are the most obvious choice. For vetrinary clinics, dog groomers, pet hotels and more, there are tons of ways you can use these products to grow and run your business. Using low-priced items with your logo printed on them as giveaways is a great way to raise awareness of your brand or service while providing potential customers with a useful and fun item for their pet. You can also offer branded products as retail items. There are tons of products that make great last minute purchases at the point of sale. Even if your business isn’t centered around pets, these products could still be useful for the majority of your customers. According to Forbes, 70% of households in the U.S. now have a pet, and that number is only increasing over time.

Health Care Products

PrintGlobe offers a huge variety of promotional products which focus on the healthcare of dogs and cats. Some of our more popular options include brushes, toothbrushes, and leash/collar lights for safety during nighttime walks. Brushes and toothbrushes are great for use inside your dog grooming facility, or as branded giveaways. For dog walkers and pet hotels, having custom light-up safety tags is a professional way to make sure your employees have everything they need to do their job well and stay safe during walks even in the evening. We have options with both steady and flashing lights.

First aid kits are also a great way to keep employees and customers ready for anything that might happen while reinforcing your brand. Having first aid kits that are specific to pet needs is an essential part of owning or taking care of an animal. And by putting your message or logo on them, you can ensure that it stays in customers’ homes and your business is doing its part to create safer environments for cats and dogs.

Happiness is a Worn Toy

Pet toys make great promotional products for getting your logo extra exposure at dog parks, hiking trails, or any other outdoor area. Not to mention, they stay in customers’ homes and get lots of love from customers’ dogs, which creates great association for your brand.

Treats are perfect giveaways for any business! Statistically, it’s more than likely that a ton of your customers have pets, so offering dog bones and treats at checkout will win over tons of visitors. Dogs and cats might not be able to read your business name printed on a treat bag, their owners certainly will. We even have catnip toys and planters. Branded dog treats also make nice additions for dog-friendly restaurants or drive-thru windows.

Products for Daily Use

Let’s not forget the most essential pet products: the ones owners use every day. These items are particularly good for promotions, since they get the most exposure both inside and outside customers’ houses. Printed collars, leashes and food bowls are just some of the items that can make customers’ lives easier every day. With consistent use and generous imprint space, the opportunities for exposure of your business or service are through the roof. Plus, if you’re running a dog walking or pet sitting business, things like leashes and waste bag dispensers are great ways to provide your employees with what they need to do their jobs while also adding some professionalism to your brand.

PrintGlobe Products are the Cat’s Meow

Owning pets can be a challenge, but you can make it simpler for your customers with custom printed pet products. Our goal is always to offer the best products around, so you can be sure the dogs and cats in your area are getting safe, healthy, quality treats and tools. Plus, it’s not all about the furry friends! Our pet product selection has a bird section, so you can appeal to animal lovers of all kinds. Shop all our pet products today to find the perfect option for your business!

PrintGlobe encourages adoption! We want to remind anyone looking for a new animal friend to check out their local animal shelter.

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