Pride Promotional Products Your Customers Will Love

Custom printed Pride products show support for LGBT causes and are great for promoting your brand!

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. The June 28, 1969 riots, named for the Stonewall Inn in New York City’s Greenwich Village, are widely accepted as the kick-off point for the modern gay liberation movement. Allegedly, the riots were started by some angry drag queens who were fed up with police harassment and raids of their neighborhood gay bar. But it should be noted that Judy Garland had passed away a week earlier so emotions were heightened on top of the already tense situation. Drama was just bound to happen…

Luckily, 50 years on, those riots have led to gay pride parades, parties and festivals. Gay marriage is legal across the USA, and the strides of the LGBT community are celebrated each June to remind younger generations of how far the movement has come in a relatively short amount of time and to strive towards an even brighter future.

The rainbow flag has become the ubiquitous symbol of gay pride. And not just special Pride events either, but daily recognition of LGBT-friendly businesses and retail shops, restaurants and bars, hotels and lodging or any designated safe space. The rainbow Pride flag dates back to the Gay Freedom Day Parade in San Francisco in 1978. Designed by artist Gilbert Baker, the flag may or may not have been inspired by Judy Garland’s “Over the Rainbow.” (Judy’s influence really can’t be understated.)

So what does this mean for your company’s marketing campaign and promotional efforts? Rainbows…. Rainbows, rainbows, rainbows! Find out which color of the rainbow best contrasts with your corporate color scheme. Purple logos will pop off the yellow band. Try out a sharp orange imprint against the blue ribbon. Or imprint your crisp black or white logo onto the whole spectrum. And don’t be afraid of hot pink or sparkle and glitter techniques that will catch your brand logo in the best light!

Wear it…

Pride parades are definitely see-and-be-seen events and offer a highly visible opportunity for companies to align their brand with LGBT and other progressive causes. Pride revelers are known to break out a special outfit for the occasion. It’s basically not possible to accessorize too much, so there’s a lot of potential for Pride-themed promotional products to get worked into the wardrobe. Rainbow basically becomes a base color so bedazzling options are necessary to raise the bar like custom Rainbow Sequin LED Fedoras which can showcase your brand name on the decorative band.

Wave it…

And speaking of high visibility, Pride flags are destined to be ween waving through the air all along the parade route, so make sure your company shows its LGBT support by imprinting your custom logo onto stick fans and hand flags. The hand fans come in a variety of shapes including hearts and awareness ribbons as well as the classic bread slice. Hand fans also offer double-sided printing so your special Pride message can fill one side while your company branding populates the other side. Pride-goers of all ages will be glad to have one of these Plastic Rainbow Flags in their hands to wave as the parade slowly rolls by.

Toss it from a parade float…

If your organization is taking part in your local Pride parade by sponsoring a float then you’ll definitely need some branded promotional items that are safe to toss out into the crowds. Giveaways, freebies or swag — whatever you want to call it, Pride promo products are guaranteed to leave a positive impression of your company as it increases brand name exposure. Just make sure your Pride giveaways don’t poke somebody’s eye out! These Rainbow Heart Stress Relievers won’t do too much damage to the masses, and they might just make it back to somebody’s work desk giving your company logo a little extra marketing longevity.

Also make sure to check out PrintGlobe’s huge selection of custom cups, cocktail napkins and pulpboard coasters that can be imprinted with your special Pride design. Great for gala events and fundraising dinners, all of our special event supplies can be designed with your Pride event in mind.

Display LGBT Pride with products from PrintGlobe!

PrintGlobe’s diverse selection of Pride merchandise ranges from over-the-top fabulous and fun to subtly stylishly and uniquely clever. Whether you’re distributing promotional swag to parade-goers or outfitting your LGBT employees and allies for your own Pride events, PrintGlobe has loud and proud, bold and beautiful marketing products that will get your brand noticed! Contact PrintGlobe today and discover promo tools that will help your business show its Pride!

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