Top 10 Promo Products for Superheroes Saving Your Brand from Poor Exposure

Uncover the mighty marketing power of custom printed promotional products in your heroic quest for super brand exposure!

With a great company or brand name comes the great responsibility of marketing that business and any accompanying logo to ensure that it lives up to its maximum potential. Superheroes understand this concept. That’s why they all have their own unique logos, emblems and insignias. Not only do these symbols look great on a costume or projected into the night sky, but they also look pretty snazzy on all the tie-in merchandise that goes along with promoting a super heroic brand.

Just think of all the T-shirts, baseball caps, coffee mugs, key chains, car decals and latest fad gadgets that get imprinted with a shield or crest or ring design for the purpose of tying into the latest three-hour cinematic blockbuster, never-ending online streamer or good old fashioned ink-stained print chronicles of your favorite superhero. And with that in mind, fearless reader, PrintGlobe proudly presents… “The Top 10 Promotional Products for Superheroes Saving the Planet from Poor Brand Exposure!!!”

Or at least some cool out-of-the-box ideas for your next swag campaign…

Fingerless Knit Gloves

Whether you need to shoot laser beams from your fingertips or just type at super speed with some semblance of accuracy, these fingerless gloves are perfect for accessorizing your superhero costume while keeping your super grip in the battle. Just because you might be able to generate lasers or emit photon blasts from your hands doesn’t mean that they won’t get cold. And with your custom printed logo or superhero emblem printed and color matched on the back side, just think of all the cool superhero fist poses you can make to ward off invaders!

Super Gator Heavy-Duty Magnetic Clips

These heavy duty Super Gator® clips are great for tying up super villains! After the bad guys have been knocked down or punched out, they need to be restrained, and these super strong clips will help keep them secure until the authorities show up. All the while letting the bad guys know which superhero busted them thanks to the custom printed logo covering almost the entire clip surface. And if your villain du jour is insect sized then you can simply hang them from your refrigerator thanks to the magnetic backing so you won’t even have to miss lunch!

4GB Carabiner USB Drives

A lot of superhero action involves a bunch of cool covert action spy stuff. So when you’re putting evil henchmen in a headlock with your legs while hanging upside down from the side of a building you’re going to need a little extra help keeping the secret files with the top-secret blueprints of the ultra top secret evil weapon safe and secure from falling back into enemy hands. That’s where these nifty carabiner USB drives come in handy. Simply secure your data to a belt loop or inside pocket and you’ll keep a hand free for ropes or knives or palm-activated wrist blasters. And imprinted with your custom insignia, the powers that be know who to hand a medal to when the world is once again safe from harm!

Smart Belt Waist Packs

There’s a lot of “utility” to these smart belt waist packs. No matter what animal identity or mascot your superhero personae may draw from, it can be custom printed on the front of these handy smart belt packs. Featuring plenty of room for whatever coordinating animal-themed gadgets you may need to securely fit inside, these waist packs also include an earbud slot and an interior key pocket that will prevent your secret communicator devices and decoder rings from getting scratched!

Multicolored Fidget Spinners

Speaking of cool gadgets to stuff in your utility pack, check out these groovy multicolored fidget spinners. Custom printed with your superhero emblem, these fidget spinners are aerodynamic enough to be thrown at bad guys and just slippery enough to be strategically placed to trip up bad guys trying to infiltrate your secret headquarters. The full-color printing potential also allows them to be used as calling cards so anybody who stumbles upon one will know what superhero is patrolling their neighborhood!

5″ Circle Jar Openers

The superhero business can be a sweaty and slippery affair so no matter how strong you are you still may need a little help to make sure your super grip won’t slip. Whether you’re pulling a sword out of a rock, crushing coal into a diamond or just holding up a mountain long enough to keep the innocents underneath it from getting crushed, make sure you get a firm handle on the situation thanks to these circular jar openers. The custom print job may not be readily apparent in the heat of the crisis situation, but after the danger is passed, your custom logo will add extra value on the secondary market!

(Mere mortals will appreciate these as well because, face it, a stubborn unopenable jar is everybody’s arch nemesis.)

Safe Care First Aid Kits

Because not all superheroes are invincible, these custom printed first aid kits are probably a smart idea to keep on hand (or in your utility fanny pack) in case your bad guy of the moment unexpectedly or temporarily gets the upper hand in your super-powered slugfest. The cases are water-resistant (in case you get flung into a river) and include knuckle bandages (for too much punching), first aid cream (for laser beam burns) and 200 mg of Ibuprofen (if your baddies have a penchant for over-explaining themselves). Make sure your superhero emblem is printed on the cap because they’re also easy to pass out to any passers-by that may get caught in the crossfire of shattered glass or automobiles being thrown through the air!

Round Tape Measures

Some Grecian demi-goddesses have magic lassos that force people to tell the truth. While not exactly a magic lasso, these logo-imprinted tape measures will never tell a lie when taking accurate measurements of whatever superhero situation you may be in. (Also fits easily into previously mentioned utility smart belt!)

24″ Foam Lightning Bolt

Because superhero-ing doesn’t necessarily pay the bills, and while superheroes requesting payment for their services leads to vibrant debate about what defines a “hero,” some superpowered individuals may need to market their skills and abilities or at least get some promotional swag out into the masses as part of a public relations campaign. Whether you’re “summoning the thunder” or “faster than lightning,” these foam lightning bolts are a great promotional tool for companies looking for a heroic marketing tie-in. Custom print your logo or emblem on these foam bolts and your advertising slogan will hit with an electrifying strike!

Thor Copper Insulated Bottles – 22 oz.

While a certain god of thunder is known for his magic hammer, these similarly named copper vacuum insulated bottles come with a magic brush! Saving the world or the universe or even just the neighborhood can be a thirst-inducing struggle, so make sure your refreshing beverage of choice stays either hot or cold with these 22 oz. stainless steel bottles that are impervious to certain degrees of heat vision or freeze rays. And make sure you get your custom logo imprinted on the side so it won’t get confused with other members of your squad or league!

Be the hero of your promotional adventure with PrintGlobe!

Whether your company is in need of a hero or just a heroic promotional strategy, let PrintGlobe guide you in your quest to discover the advertising MacGuffins that will drive your marketing strategy to a fantastic, mighty and uncanny victory!

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