Raise a Glass to National Beer Day with Custom Printed Promotional Products

National Beer Day highlights the efforts of America’s craft brewers while offering valuable marketing potential with custom printed promotional products.

Whether you prefer to pop a top, pull a tab or pour a draft, get ready to celebrate because National Beer Day is just around the corner on April 7th! (And for those who can’t wait, New Beer’s Eve naturally precedes it on April 6th.) The unofficial holiday celebrates the passage of the Cullen-Harrison Act passed in 1933 which ended the Prohibition era and took effect on April 7 of that year. (Thanks FDR!)

Landing on a Saturday and Sunday for 2019, NBE and NBD should make for a lively weekend at breweries and brew pubs across the country.  Here at PrintGlobe world headquarters in Austin, Texas, some of our favorite local breweries include Lazarus Brewing Company, Circle Brewing Co. and Live Oak Brewing Company which is a great first stop after picking up visitors from the airport.

Bar owners and restauranteurs can make sure they’re prepared for National Beer Day festivities with a variety of custom printed promotional products from PrintGlobe. From commemorative glasses and handy bottle openers, to reusable bottle holders and take-home growlers, PrintGlobe is your source for promotional tools that your customers will hold on to as a reminder their new favorite watering hole and remember the good times they had trying out the suds on National Beer Day.

Bottle Openers

Get the party started by popping the caps off beer bottles with custom branded bottle openers. Restaurants and bars can outfit their bar and wait staff with these Stainless Steel Paddle Bottle Openers which slip conveniently into aprons and pockets. Or imprint these Credit Card Bottle Openers with your brand logo and distribute them to your new and longtime customers as a thank you gift for their patronage.

Glasses, Steins & Mugs

Breweries and brew pubs should take pride in their latest vat of hand crafted lager or pilsner by making sure that it’s presented in the proper glass with their brand logo facing front. Once the beer is flowing, from a pitcher or a tap, make sure it lands in a glass or a mug worthy of the fine crafted brew. Thumbprint Glass Tankards are a standard when it comes to stocking up a respectable bar. Sturdy and traditional, they are a classic way to raise a toast to National Beer Day while keeping a handle on the situation.

Thumbprint Glass Tankards

A lot of breweries spend about as much time creating an intricate logo for their bottles and packaging as they do brewing a batch of beer. So make sure your custom designed looks sharp and stands out on your own unique Brewery Pint Glasses. The amount of time a brewer spends on their marketing design is a sign of how much craft and care goes into what they’re brewing, so make sure your branding efforts are a perfect match!

Brewery Pint Glasses

Pilsner Glasses are taller and skinnier than average pint glasses. They are designed for lighter beers to show off the colors and rising bubbles of carbonation in the glass. The shape allows for a lasting foam head so hopheads can fully appreciate the aroma and flavor profiles of the beer.

Pilsner Glasses

If your National Beer Day celebration spills out onto a patio or balcony or turns into a pub crawl, consider these Mood Color Beer Steins as a safer outside plastic alternative to more breakable glass. The plastic comes in at a lower price point so they make ideal promotional gifts that customers can take home for repeated use. And the color changing effect that kicks in when the stein is holding beer helps draw attention to your imprinted custom logo.

Mood Color Beer Steins

Custom Printed Can Holders

Some people use foam can holders to keep their beverages cold; others use them to prevent their hands from getting cold while clutching their drink. Either way, foam and neoprene can and bottle holders are a great marketing opportunity for restaurants and beverage companies. Check out how your company’s logo will look on these Full-Color Polyester Can Holders. Breweries and brew pubs that pour their own specialties on tap can get in on the action too with these nifty Neoprene Pint Glass Sleeves!

Drink Pitchers

A uniform branding strategy will also go a long way in making your National Beer Day event a success. When your servers set down a couple or three or four branded pint glasses, make they’re accompanied by a Clear Pitcher with a matching logo. And if that special on tap happens to be too dark to contrast with your logo, then let your branding efforts shine through the brew with these Lighted Styrene Pitchers. They’re also rather helpful if the celebration blows a fuse and the lights go out!

Custom Drinkware and Barware

Breweries obviously have more than one beer on tap. The growing popularity of beer flights will no doubt be on display for National Beer Day so make sure your brew pub is equipped with the latest in flight sets like these Wooden Paddle Flight Sets. Or if your brewery is especially popular with DIY hipsters or for some reason has become a gathering place for the shabby chic Etsy crowd, then step your presentation up a notch with these fancy Chalkboard Flight Crate Kits.

But don’t feel like your establishment has to be a hipster haven to participate in National Beer Day. If your local watering hole knows its clientele is a more of a by-the-bucket type of dive, then proudly keep the beers coming in these custom printed Handled Drink Buckets. No matter what your beer delivery system may be, make sure it has the bar’s logo clearly on display!

Handled Drink Buckets

Custom Growlers

The fun doesn’t have to end once National Beer Day is over. If your new customers discover a new favorite brew, let them bottle it up and take it with them to enjoy at home in a growler like one of these affordable Cobalt Blue Growlers. Or maybe suggest the gift of a craft beer in a luxury Copper Stainless Steel Growler.

More Branding Opportunities with Promotional Products

And if for some reason you can’t celebrate National Beer Day this spring, don’t worry because National Drink Beer Day sits on the other side of the calendar waiting to be celebrated on September 28th! It’s another unofficial holiday that will be ideal for bars and restaurants to reorder their most successful promotional products and let them try out even more marketing tools that will bring in new customers as well as your dedicated regulars!

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