Drink and Promote Responsibly with Reusable Straws

The Problem With Plastic Straws

Straws are a pretty small piece of trash, right? But when they come in every iced coffee, soda, cocktail and water glass in America, it really adds up fast. In fact, according to market research reported by GetGreenNow, we use 390 million straws in the U.S. every day. That’s enough to circle the Earth twice if you put them end-to-end. To add to the problem, most disposable straws are made of type 5 plastic. This plastic, called polypropylene, can be recycled, but it isn’t accepted by most standard curbside programs. So, naturally (or perhaps unnaturally) they end up in our trash cans, landfills and oceans.

Why Now?

Needless to say, this is not a new problem. Americans have been filling landfills with plastic straws for years. So why are so many businesses banning them? In an interview with Business Insider, CEO of Plastic Pollution Coalition Dianna Cohen says that straws are a good place to start. Since they’re designed to be used for such a short amount of time and then tossed, it’s not too difficult to imagine a world without them. “We look at straws as one of the gateway issues to help people start thinking about the global plastic pollution problem.”

And she’s not wrong. As consumers and businesses become increasingly aware of this problem, people are taking action. Maybe the most notable instance is Starbucks. You may not have seen it in action yet, but the company has announced that their goal is to phase out disposable straws by 2020, replacing them with straw-less lids for their iced drinks. What’s their estimate on the impact? According to a statement on their website, they believe that the change will eliminate more than a billion plastic straws per year. Other companies who have announced their intentions to move away from plastic straws include Hyatt, Hilton, American Airlines and Marriott.

Ditching disposable straws is a great move for the environment, but not everyone is happy about the change. Lots of people just enjoy using straws. Sometimes drinking an iced coffee just isn’t the same without it. And, much more importantly, many people with disabilities rely on using straws every day.

Reusable Straws as Promotional Products

Fortunately, there are ways to continue branding drinks without polluting our oceans. Providing your customers with reusable straws can be a very useful and environmentally friendly move. It’s the perfect way to help them enjoy their drinks the way they always have without contributing to plastic waste. And it’s always a good idea for your brand to stay on top of noteworthy trends.

If you’re gearing up for a trade show or just looking for promotional giveaways, many of our straws come in convenient carrying cases which feature your logo or message. Purchasing drinks on the go is a regular habit for most of us. Because it’s so common, putting your brand on reusable straws is an awesome opportunity to increase your company’s visibility.

If you own a restaurant or bar, switching over to reusable straws is a great way to make eco-friendly choices in the new year. With products like metal straws that feature your logo, there’s even the added benefit of giving your cocktails and drinks a sleek and sophisticated look. It’s worth noting that for some people, like those with disabilities or allergies to certain materials, single use plastic straws may still be the best option. It’s always a good idea to keep some on hand so your restaurant can provide them when requested.

Promotional Straws from PrintGlobe

Our reusable straw selection provides lots of different styles and materials, so you can find the right way to represent your brand. Here are five of our products that your company could use to promote your business and encourage environmental awareness.

Silicone Straws with Imprinted Cases

Colorful and bendable, these reusable straws are a great low-cost alternative to the single use plastic ones. Silicone is a soft yet sturdy material, so your customers won’t miss the plastic. Plus, they come in convenient travel cases which have a great imprint area for your logo or message.

Metal Extendable Straws

For more of an upscale look, these metal straws can collapse down, so they’re convenient to carry and perfect for any drink size. They’re also a complete kit (including a cleaning brush) so they make convenient giveaways. Your customers are sure to keep them in their bags and use them again and again.

Plastic Mood Straws

reusable color changing mood straws

These colorful plastic straws change color based on their temperature, so they’re always entertaining! Perfect alternatives for standard single use straws, they’re made of plastic just like the one’s you’re used to. The difference is that this plastic is heavy duty so they can be reused. Great for refreshment stands and amusement parks.

“Silistraw” Silicone Straws

Another silicone option, these straws come in a convenient bent design that makes sipping easy. Conveniently packaged in carrying cases that feature your logo or message, they bounce back into shape when they’re removed.

Stainless Steel Straw Kits

With your brand imprinted on non-woven carrying bags for these straw kits, it’s a great way to increase visibility for your business! Plus, these even come with the option to laser engrave your logo or message onto the straws themselves.

PrintGlobe Helps You Promote

If you don’t see exactly the straws you were hoping for, there are plenty of other options available for you to browse on our site. We also offer custom tumblers with straws. The promotional possibilities are endless! Whether you know what kind of promotions you want or you’re looking for some advice on the best way to show off your logo and spread the word about your company, our knowledgeable account managers would love to point you in the right direction. Give us a call or chat us online today!

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