United States of Promotional Products

50 states lead to 50 unique branding opportunities for your organization’s promotional products.

Whether you were born there or got there as soon as you could, everybody carries a certain amount of pride in their home state. Organizations and brands have long used state loyalty as a marketing tool and for their branded promotional products, whether it’s jumping onboard a football rivalry across state lines or celebrating an individual state’s heritage or holidays.

Because everybody’s gotta be from somewhere and because custom printed promotional products can be printed or even shaped like any state, we proudly present the following ideas to help improve the current state of your marketing campaign:


State-Shaped Stone and Leather Coasters

PrintGlobe world headquarters is centrally located in the great state of Texas so please forgive this list if it skews a bit heavy on the Lone Star State. That being said, everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes egos! We Texans like to remind you of where we’re from and throw it in your face as often as possible. So whether you think of drink coasters as a subtle reminder or as a way to pound the point home with your guests and patrons, these stone coasters with a Texas-shaped leather inlay embossed with your custom logo are a must have for anyone who still regularly shouts “Remember the Alamo!”

State-Shaped Stone and Leather Coasters | promotional products

California State Stress Balls

Things can get shaky in the Golden State whether it’s the ground physically shaking or the stress that builds waiting for “the big one” while enduring the occasional trembler. So these California-shaped stress balls are great for helping all those people wanting to live close to the ocean mellow out before their over-priced real estate falls into the Pacific. Probably won’t do you much good during an actual earthquake unless you’re looking for something to keep your hands occupied while standing in a reinforced doorway or running for your nearest emergency exit. But marvel at your organization’s custom logo as it contracts and expands with every squeeze!

California State Stress Balls | promotional products

State-Shaped Vinyl Key Chains

From sea to shining sea, key chains are one of the most classic promotional giveaway products a company can hand out to customers. These state-shaped vinyl key chains let your customers carry a little piece of their home state with them wherever they may roam. Or they can serve as a reminder of a great experience exploring the nooks and crannies of this great nation. From “Sweet Home Alabama” to “Private Idaho,” imprint your organization’s logo on these keychains and they’ll make a brand impression whether your clients are “California Dreamin’” or in a “New York State of Mind.”

State-Shaped Vinyl Key Chains

Full-Color State-Shaped Magnets

Magnets are a classic promotional tool for marketing businesses and services, with state-shaped magnets being great for state agencies, state universities or companies just operating within a single state’s borders. Recipients of the Michigan magnet can take a pair of scissors to their magnet, cut across Lake Michigan and double their refrigerator holding power. Companies should make sure they imprint their logo on both peninsulas to double their branding exposure! Finally, that upper peninsula is good for something besides dangling off the top of Wisconsin! (Hawaii, you could chop up your state’s magnet into tiny individual islands if you want, but we can’t guarantee the resulting single-island magnets will be strong enough to hold anything to your refrigerator door.)

Full-Color State-Shaped Magnets

State KeyFloats

If your promotional campaign is targeting a state that borders an ocean, has a lot of lakes or features a flowing river (that would be every state), then these state-shaped KeyFloats™ will help prevent your clients from losing their house keys or car keys at the bottom of whatever big drink they may fall into. Hey Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes, these are a great idea for your residents. Florida, you have enough problems as it is without lost keys bogging up your swamps and feeding your alligators. Hawaii – eight main islands and about 130 other tiny islands – ‘nuff said. And even if your clients don’t retrieve their keys, just think of all the marketing exposure your logo will receive as it floats down the mighty Mississip!

State KeyFloats

Scenic State Calendars

Some state boundaries lead to more exciting shapes and outlines for promotional products (sorry Colorado and Wyoming) while others can be sort of tricky (see the Michigan and Hawaii magnets above). But fear not, Colorado! Your almost square-ish rectangular shape can be closely approximated on these wall calendars featuring beautiful scenic photography of the Centennial State’s iconic mountains and peaks along with your company’s custom printed logo and contact information. Who needs distinctive boundaries anyway when your borders are filled with so many exciting and dramatic changes in elevation?

Scenic State Calendars | promotional products


Texas Stone Oil Candle

Hammering home our love for the Lone Star State, these Texas-shaped stone oil candles will add a friendly warmth to any table centerpiece or waiting room or reception area. These oil candles don’t run on the exact same Texas Tea the state is famous for, but they provide a nice non-toxic glow that will enhance any room’s ambiance. Laser engrave your company’s name or logo on these candles to shine a little extra light on your brand!

Texas Stone Oil Candle | promotional products


State Flower Seed Packets

One of the more unique promotional gifts for celebrating a state’s identity is custom printed seed packets of your state’s official flower. Alaska warms up with Forget-Me-Nots. California gets popping with California poppies. Maryland punches up with Black-eyed Susans. Kansas shines with Sunflowers. And Texas proudly lines its highways with Bluebonnets. All are ready to make your eco-friendly promotional efforts bloom this spring! And clients will have to tear throught your company’s custom logo before they can get to the seeds inside.

State Flower Seed Packets | promotional products


Improve the State of Your Promotional Campaign with PrintGlobe

So whether you’re looking for 50 new creative ways to expand your brand or trying to reinforce your company’s identity to your home state, PrintGlobe has the promotional products and goods to highlight the various personalities that help make these United States of America great!

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