Why You Can’t Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


Ah, the beginning of a new year. It’s the fresh start you’ve been needing to really refocus on your goals… but how long will it take for you to lose track of your New Year’s resolutions this year? US News states that 80% of us are off track on our resolutions by the first week of February — and that’s coming up pretty fast. When these goals are such a prominent tradition at the start of a new year, why do we continue to let them get away from us?

We looked into some of the most common causes for breaking new year’s resolutions in order to give us insight into how to make 2019 the year we finally keep up with them. Here are three prominent reasons for going back on your promises, along with some tips on how we can avoid falling into the same issues we’ve had in previous years.

1. Your resolutions are too vague.

According to Psychology Today, general goals like “get fit” are not the most effective resolutions. But it sounds like it would be easier to accomplish, right? “Get fit” could mean a lot of different things, where “walk a mile every day after work” can only mean one thing. However, by coming up with specific goals, you’re more likely to remember them and change your habits accordingly.

In “The Science of Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work”, Dr. Weinschenk says that a good way to hold on to your resolutions is by attaching them to your already existing habits. For example, if you want to start writing in your planner daily, choose a thing you already do every day to attach it to, like “write in my planner while I drink my coffee every morning.” Coming up with small, actionable goals in order to accomplish the more general ones like “get fit” and “get organized” is a great way to stay focused on your resolutions.

2. Your resolutions aren’t realistic.

We know it’s exciting to list out all the ways that you’re going to reconfigure your life this year, but coming up with goals that aren’t achievable can be detrimental to your efforts to change. Even though managing your time better might be something you work on this year, you don’t actually get more time than you did last year. And with lofty expectations comes big disappointments.

One way to face this problem head-on is to simply take time to adjust your goals. If you look back at the end of January and realize you never once reached your goal of going to the gym four times a week, don’t be afraid to reevaluate your February goal. If you give yourself resolutions you can accomplish, it’s much more motivating to help you keep up the good work.

3. You give up too easily.

“Don’t give up” might sound trite, but it’s also essential advice. Bettering yourself can seem like a low priority when we have jobs and other obligations that require immediate attention. So, when we hit a snag, it can seem easier to just quit trying. But it’s important to remember that just because you didn’t successfully meet your goals this week, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again next week. One way to avoid the “all or nothing” mentality is to keep a log or journal of how well you did each week. What circumstances made it easy to meet your goals? What circumstances made it hard? Another way you can set yourself up for success, according to Forbes, is by confiding your resolutions in those closest to you. It’s always good to have someone who can hold you accountable.

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When you look back on last year, can you remember everything you accomplished? Can you make a list of all the obstacles you overcame? Taking up journaling is a great way for future-you to get a good picture of your 2019. Not to mention, it’s a great way to pick up some creative hobbies, like writing or drawing. With our journals, you can give your customers a way to do that, while keeping your brand top of mind.

Eco-Friendly Products

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Happy New Year From PrintGlobe!

From all of us here at PrintGlobe, we hope your 2019 is a huge success. Hopefully January was a good start, but even if it wasn’t, you still have plenty of time. If you need any promotional ideas in 2019, as always, never hesitate to give us a call.

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