Promotional Stress Relievers for the Holiday Season

Holiday Stress Relievers to Promote Your Brand

It’s no surprise to anyone that the most wonderful time of the year is also the most stressful time of the year. Even though we’re supposed to be relaxing and spending time with loved ones, dealing with holiday shopping, cooking and other obligations can frequently make you and your customers feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, PrintGlobe has the promotional stress relievers to help make things easier for them and you.

Why is Everyone Stressed?

Although there are lots of different things that can cause stress around the holidays, studies show that there are a few that are pretty universal. For example, 69% of Americans report feeling stressed from not having enough time. That news is not really surprising considering how many of our routines are interrupted by scheduling time to see friends and family, shop, cook and whatever else might be required of you at the end of the year. The second largest stressor for November and December, surveys show, is all about gifting. 51% say their stress in the last two months of the year  is caused by pressure to give or receive gifts. (We’re always happy to help you out with that!)

With so many things that cause holiday anxiety, stress relievers may not seem like they would help much, especially since they tend to be very simple. However, research shows that moving our hands actually helps our brains work better. It’s a great way to focus, clear your mind, and keep you from over thinking or stressing out. Not to mention, they make great stocking stuffers! Almost all of the stress balls and stress relievers we offer are the perfect size for adding to a gift bag or stocking. And around this time of year, customers will definitely appreciate them.

Here are five PrintGlobe items that you can provide for your customers or employees so they can relieve some of their stress and spread your brand name to their friends and family over the holidays.

Snowman Stress Balls

Stress Ball Snowman

Ah, the stress ball. It’s a time-honored way to focus and relieve some anxiety during stressful times. With the snowman style and the classic spherical shape, these particular stress balls make perfect holiday themed giveaways for pretty much any business. They make adorable additions to your employee’s stockings or holiday giveaways for your customers.

Spinner Pens

Fidget Spinner Pen

Everyone remembers the discovery of the fidget spinner, right? Overnight these items became something that everyone needed. With these pens, your students, co-workers and customers can take notes while they get their work done and play with these smooth spinning caps in order to stay focused.

Squishie Stress Relievers

These are the next big thing in stress relievers! Even though they look like regular stress balls, these squishies feature an incredibly soft and slow rising construction that makes them unique. With their happy faces, they’re satisfying to squeeze and watch slowly return to their original shape. They’re great stocking stuffers for both kids and adults!

Boinks Fidget Toys

Stress Reliever Toys

These little guys might just look like colorful sticks, but they are the secret to hours of entertainment! Perfect for families, these spring-tubes shoot up to 30 feet in the air when squeezed and released. It’s a great way for your customers to keep the kids entertained while the adults in the family prepare the meal. Or for the adults to have fun while they avoid cooking duty.

Fiddle Cubes

Fiddle Cubes

These gadgets are an excellent conversation starter, and a great way to get eyes on your brand! With multiple ways to click, spin and otherwise fidget with these cubes, they’re perfect for maximizing focus or entertaining yourself at the airport while you wait on your flight to your home state. With retail packaging and a flat side to highlight your logo, they make great additions to holiday gift packages.

PrintGlobe’s Service

The last (and maybe most important) thing PrintGlobe can offer you this season is taking some of the stress off YOUR hands. Holiday promotions might be the last thing on your very long to-do list, but that doesn’t make them any less effective or important for your organization. It’s a great time of year to get your name out there, especially since it’s the biggest shopping season of the year. In a survey for this year’s holiday season, 71% of Americans said they planned on shopping on Thanksgiving weekend alone. Sounds like a good time to get your business on their radar!

Whether you’re looking for handouts like these stress relievers or high end promotional gifts for your clients, we offer every printed product you could possibly need. Our staff is here to make the process easy and quick, so you can get back to focusing on all the other things you need to get done before the end of the year. Shop our website or give us a call!

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