Custom Halloween Bags – A Treat for Advertising Budgets of All Sizes

Not only is Halloween a fun time of the year for tricks, treats, and games, but it’s also a fantastic, affordable opportunity for you to advertise your brand. When you print your business information, a custom logo, or some sort of other unique message or design on custom Halloween bags, you’ll enjoy inexpensive, mobile advertising all over town. Plus, many of our Halloween bags are fully reusable, making these one-time investments  big bang for your buck, as custom Halloween bags can lead to years of brand-awareness generation.

From schools organizing treat-or-treat events or fall carnivals, to dentists using them during the fall months to send patients home with a new toothbrush and a travel-sized toothpaste, to church and community groups hosting “trunk-or-treat” festivities, to farms or businesses hosting or sponsoring hayrides, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, or other fall events, custom Halloween bags come in handy for a wide variety of business and applications.

Gone are the days where trick-or-treat bags were confined to household buckets, pillow cases, or other cloth sacks, like those that were once used when trick-or-treating first became popular in the United States in the late 1920s. Today, the options for these treat-carrying vessels are vast. We offer a large selection of Halloween treat bags and are confident that we have something appropriate to meet every need. Our quality selection includes:


  • Plastic Halloween bags – the perfect, low cost solution for large scale events
  • Non-woven Halloween bags – ideal for those looking to keep their message on display long after Halloween ends
  • Paper Halloween bags – recyclable and inexpensive, paper Halloween bags are great for both the environment and your budget
  • Reflective Halloween bags – available in both plastic and non-woven options, reflective Halloween bags are excellent for brands wishing to promote a fun and safe holiday
  • Halloween buckets – a nostalgic, reusable option that’s sure to make an appearance year after spooky year


Want to know more about our custom Halloween bags? Read on to learn about some of our favorite Halloween bag options!


Plastic Halloween Bags

With prices starting as low as $.42 a bag, our plastic Halloween bags are some of our most popular trick-or-treat bag options, especially for large-scale events or for businesses or individuals looking for a practical single-use option that won’t break the bank. Most of our custom plastic Halloween bags are available in the traditional 12″ x 15″ size, and all feature a large space for your custom design. All of our plastic Halloween bags come preprinted with a stock design, of course still with ample room for your logo, however, we do have a large selection of fully customizable plastic bags available in the Die Cut Plastic Bag section of our website if you’d rather your bags were 100% your design. You can’t go wrong with either option as they both will highlight your logo beautifully, while acting as an affordable treat-carrying vessel at Halloween events of all kinds!

Reusable Halloween Bags

Looking to advertise your message long after Halloween ends? Our reusable custom Halloween bags are for you!

Our reusable Halloween bags are a little more expensive than our plastic Halloween bags, but not by much! These bags start as low as $1.31 a bag, and are well-worth the investment as they will tote your message around not just on Halloween night, but all year long thanks to their sturdy design.

Reusable bags are a very practical advertising tool since they’re such a useful item to have on hand. Perfect for everything from grocery shopping to carrying laundry, reusable bags are something everyone loves to have a stock of. Great not just for trick-or-treaters, but also for an older audience as well, like high school or college students at a hayride or pumpkin patch, or maybe for parents at a fall festival, our non-woven Halloween bags are truly a great option for everyone!

You can check out our Halloween themed non-woven bags here, or shop our entire line of reusable bags in our Totes and Reusable Bags section.

Paper Halloween Bags

Unfortunately, a lot of trash is brought about on Halloween night. From candy wrappers, to decorative streamers, costume props, apple cores, toilet paper, eggs, and more, Halloween can be messy. Paper Halloween bags are a feel-good, eco-friendly advertising solution as when the fun is done, they can be recycled, lessening the mess that’s made on Halloween night.

We offer these fun Pumpkin Natural Kraft Shopper bags featuring a stock Halloween design, or if you’d rather start with a blank canvas, you can shop our entire selection of custom paper bags here.


Reflective Halloween Bags

Just as Halloween can be messy, it can also be dangerous. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, on average, children are twice more likely to be hit by a vehicle and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year, with most accidents occurring between 4:00 p.m. and 10 p.m. While following simple precautionary measures such as using crosswalks and holding a child’s hand while crossing the street are smart practices to follow, there are also other impactful ways to help reduce the number of pedestrian injuries and deaths that aren’t as commonly thought about, such as using reflective Halloween bags while trick-or-treating. (Learn more about our other Halloween safety tips and products here.)

Thanks to their unique designs, reflective Halloween bags are constructed in such a way that they reflect light when another light, such as a flashlight or car headlights shine in their direction. This design allows for more visibility of children, and therefore, fewer potentially life-threatening accidents.

We have a number of reflective Halloween bag styles available including both disposable options, such as our popular 11 x 15 Pumpkin Silver Reflective Halloween Bags which are made of reflective, silver metallic material,  as well as reusable options, like our Reflective Halloween Pumpkin Tote Bags which feature a fun Jack-o’-lantern design and reflective, metallic piping accents. You can shop our full selection of reflective Halloween bags here.


Halloween Buckets

A retro Halloween memento that evokes nostalgic thoughts for many, Halloween buckets are a beloved trick-or-treating carrier, making custom Halloween buckets a fantastic way to advertise your brand. Strong and durable, Halloween pails not only hold a lot of candy (making them a favorite with kiddos), but they are also long-lasting, meaning they can survive even the naughtiest Halloween tricks, and advertise your message for years to come. We have three different Halloween buckets to choose from: our 32 oz. and 64 oz. Glow-in-the-Dark Pails, as well as our jumbo 87 oz. Recycled Plastic Halloween Bucket option.


Our happy customers count on our commitment to outstanding customer service, affordable pricing, and the best selection of printed and promotional products the industry has to offer. These perks and the added bonus of express service and reliable, timely delivery keep our customers coming back for more. Shop for custom Halloween bags online now or call us today to get your order started!

From you friends at PrintGlobe, happy Halloween!


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