Custom Swag Bags – From Sundance to the Royal Wedding

Custom swag bags have become a festival and event staple, usually containing pertinent event information, brochures, or other useful materials, fun promotional goodies, and then of course, the awesome bag itself which highlights the event logo, sponsor information, or some other sort of creative design.

From our home office turf’s famous SXSW festival, to the Sundance Film festival, all the way to the royal wedding, swag bags seem to make an appearance at all of the year’s hottest events. Just take a look at what one guest had to say about the goodie bags presented to the guests outside of Windsor Castle at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding:

“‘The wedding was fabulous,’ one guest tells PEOPLE. ‘The really nice touch was the goodie bag everyone was given together with a copy of the service.'”

People Magazine

Not only do custom swag bags, or welcome bags, add a special touch to an event, but they make guests feel special, and well, welcome! When guests feel welcome at an event, they’re sure to remember that occasion fondly for many years to come!

When it comes to what can go inside of a welcome bag, the sky is the limit! Hotel guests are sure to appreciate a welcome bag stuffed with travel brochures and area information, toiletries, snacks, water, and any other goodies that might help them to have a more comfortable stay, while out of town wedding visitors always love trinkets branded with the happy couple’s information, local products, and often forgotten items, like bandaids and aspirin, which could come in handy the day after the wedding! When it comes to welcoming new patients and customers, get creative with what you put in your bags. Of course you can include your business information and relative essentials, like a travel toothbrush and floss for a dentist office, or branded pens and notebooks for schools, but people always appreciate fun items as well, such as custom sunglasses and koozies during the summer months, or hot chocolate pouches and tumblers when it’s cool.

Or, if you’re hosting a high roller event like the Oscars, you could always stuff your bags with $100,000 worth of luxury goods!

Whether handed out to new patients, students, employees, party guests, or festival and event attendees, or sold in the merch booth to serve as a souvenir from the event, custom swag bags are a hot promotional tool that won’t soon be going out of style! Click here to learn more about our custom tote bags, or shop online now to get your order started today!

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