Take your Logo Around the Globe with Custom Travel Accessories

May is near, which means summer vacation is upon us. Kids are counting down the days until school is done, parents the minutes until they’re beachside. Soon, roads will be packed with carefree travelers in route to their vacation homes, and airports will be bustling with hordes of tourists heading to exciting new destinations around the world.

Though duffle bags and luggage tags do make fantastic travel promotions, this summer holiday season, we encourage you to think outside the box and to explore the wide selection of custom travel accessories we have available. Whether you’re a travel agency looking for a unique booth giveaway to hand out at an upcoming travel fair, or you’re a boutique hotel searching for memorable gifts for your guests, we’ve got the promotional products you need to send your logo across the globe!


Perfect for airlines, hotels, car rental services, travel agencies, park services, country clubs, marinas, and so much more, custom travel accessories make excellent promotional tools as they…


  • …are practical! If you’ve ever found yourself on a long flight without a neck pillow, or sitting next to a crying child with no headphones to come to the rescue, you know just how practical these items are.
  • …receive high use! When an item is practical, it means it gets used more, and when an item gets used more, your message gets viewed more. It’s as simple as that!
  • …have a positive association! Vacations usually mean relaxing and happy memories. Custom travel accessories are an excellent way to help people associate the positive and fun times they experience on their trip with your business.
  • …are highly visible! The travel season is a busy season. From airport lounges to hotel lobbies, when you advertise with promotional travel items you can guarantee high visibility for your brand!


Read on to learn more about some of our favorite custom travel accessories…


Luggage Tags and Luggage Trackers

Luggage tags are an incredibly popular advertising tool, and for good reason! They’re practical, affordable, and easily customizable. Whether you want a budget option like our top selling Oversized Soft Vinyl Luggage Tags, or a more premium design, such as our Debossed Leather Luggage Tags, we’ve got a plethora of options available to meet every budget and need. We even offer a few high tech options like our RuMeID Luggage Tags which feature unique QR codes and URLs that link to the RuMeID cloud-recovery portal which includes contact information and other important details, as well as our Two-Way Bluetooth Tracker which helps you to find lost items with a handy app.


Luggage Scales

It’s always a serious bummer when you get charged for overweight baggage. Our Brookstone Digital Luggage Scales make fantastic gift items which will help your clients and customers to never find themselves in this situation again!



Rain, rain, go away….No one wants a rainy vacation, but sometimes, it’s bound to happen. Save the day with umbrellas printed with your logo! Keep them in hotel lobbies and distribute them to guests as they head out the door to leave a lasting impression. They’re also great for transportation services and tour companies, too!


Duffle Bags, Garment Bags, and Toiletry Bags

Classic custom travel accessories, duffle bags, garment bags, and toiletry bags will take your logo around the world. Whether a weekend road trip or Mediterranean cruise, people need a handy way to carry their belongings. When you print these items with your logo, from California to Timbuktu, there’s no limit to where your message will go!


Eye Masks and Neck Pillows 

Whoever said travel had to be uncomfortable? Ideal for airline companies, cosmetic lines, beauty stores, and more, custom eye masks and neck pillows are an excellent way to share your message on planes, trains, or on a bus. Advertising with these items is so easy, people can even do it in their sleep!


Sunglasses and Beach Towels 

Is there a more classic summer vacation than a trip to the beach? Promotional sunglasses are affordable advertising tools that are perfect for handing out at beach clubs, marinas, and festivals, while custom beach towels make excellent gifts that will boldly highlight your message on the sand or by the pool.


Power Banks

We’ve all be there before… we pull out our phone to take a picture of a special vacation moment, or to check GPS for the best route to dinner, and the screen goes black. Traveling with a dead phone is a quick way to put a damper on any vacation. Ensure your clients never find themselves in this situation again by handing out custom power banks for your next travel promotion! Incredibly practical and long lasting promotional tools, you can rest assured that when advertising with power banks, customers will certainly form a positive association with your brand!



Having a little music can make traveling a more enjoyable experience, especially when you need to block out the noise around you. Custom headphones are often distributed on airplanes, as well as in museums and on tours. Not only are they a great travel souvenir, but they’re yet another practical item that can potentially advertise your message for years to come.


USB Chargers and Auto Vent Phone Holders 

USB chargers and auto vent phone holders make excellent advertising tools for car rental services as well as insurance agencies as they’re extremely handy items to have on the road. Consider including them as a thank you gift or as part of a hotel welcome package to ensure that your clients are never without a charge in the car, or without a place to easily store their phone.


Lip Balm, Sunscreen, Bug Repellent, and First Aid Kits 

Looking for a simple and affordable item that you can easily distribute at beach clubs, marinas, boat docks, or campgrounds? Our custom lip balms, sunscreen packets, bug spray bottles, and first aid kits make excellent options! They might not seem as exciting as some of our other mentioned items, but they’re really useful, and items that many people often forget to pack. There’s no reason too much sun, a scraped knee, or a bug bite should ruin the fun!


Passport Holders and RFID Sleeves

Starting in 2006, all passports, credit cards, and drivers licenses starting being produced with an embedded radio frequency identification, or RFID, chip, which unfortunately, makes identity theft an easier possibility. No one wants to have to worry about this while on vacation; protect your clients by providing them with a RFID sleeve to ensure that their data stays safe!


To learn more about all of the custom travel accessories available from PrintGlobe, chat with us online or call us today! Our team of friendly and knowledgeable printing experts would be happy to help you with all of your promotional needs!  




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