Product Spotlight: Custom Tote Bags

Have you heard? Caring about the environment is in!

In an effort to alleviate the harmful impact that disposable bags can have on Mother Nature, many stores, cities, and states are pushing for a ban on single use plastic bags, and are encouraging customers to turn to reusable and eco-friendly options instead.

Depending on where in the country you live, it’s likely you’ve already seen retailers asking you to provide your own bags, or charging a small fee for a store bag that used to be free. While some cities are focusing on implementing effective recycling programs, others are attempting to impose bans or fees to discourage the use of plastic bags altogether. Austin (home of the PrintGlobe headquarters!) for example, is one of about 10 cities in Texas with a ban on single-use plastic bags. Though some stores still provide paper sacks for free, they’re generally pretty adamant about reminding customers to bring their own bags, and almost all grocery stores and markets have branded reusable bags for sale. Marketing your brand with reusable bags isn’t a new idea, but as the trend for BYOB (bring your own bags) continues, the advertising possibilities grow with it!

When it comes to your next advertisement, think out of the box and consider custom tote bags as a marketing tool. From shopping for groceries, to carrying books, to storing clothes, reusable tote bags are practical for a variety of reasons, and they shouldn’t just be used to advertise retail and grocery stores. From libraries, to cosmetic lines, to trade shows, to farms, festivals, fundraisers, food and drink brands, retail brands, restaurants, sports teams, schools, eco-friendly events, wedding fairs, travel agencies, etc., etc., etc.,  the possibilities are endless!

And this spring, don’t forget about the long line up of huge events just around the corner! From music (think SXSW, Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza) festivals, to food festivals (Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, LA Food Fest, Taste of Chicago, New Orleans Food & Wine Experience, Austin Food & Wine Festival, and more!), to big beer, arts, and craft festivals, the spring and summer months are usually bursting with huge events, and are the perfect place to advertise with custom tote bags!


The key to successful tote bag advertising it to pick a fun and durable bag and to decorate it with a memorable design. Not only is it important to give customers an item that’s practical to use, but it’s also important to give them something that they’ll want to use. When you hand out bags that look good, chances are, recipients will be proud to tote your message around town, giving your brand the attention it deserves!

When shopping with PrintGlobe, choosing a stylish bag will be a breeze. From canvas tote bags, to non-woven bags, to recycled and eco-friendly tote bags, we’ve got the options you want and need! And when it comes to your design, we make that easy as well! If you don’t already have artwork ready, our team of talented graphic designers can help to bring your ideas to life. And for those who have a logo ready to go – perfect! Just choose your bag design and you’ll be advertising with your new custom tote bags in no time! To get started, place your order online now, or give us a call today!


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