Halloween Safety – Products & Tips for a Fun & Safe Halloween

Editor’s note: This post was updated in August 2018 to reflect emerging trends in the industry.


Halloween is known for being a scary holiday, and sometimes, for all of the wrong reasons. When it comes to Halloween safety, there’s one major statistic it’s important to be aware of: more child pedestrian fatalities occur each year on Halloween than any other day of the year.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, on average, children are twice more likely to be hit by a vehicle and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year, with most accidents occurring between 4:00 p.m. and 10 p.m.

To avoid getting hit by a car on Halloween night, Safe Kids Worldwide recommends that you:

  • Do not walk while distracted by a phone or headphones.
  • Look out for careless drivers. Look left, right, then left again before crossing and be sure to look in all directions around you while crossing the street.
  • Watch out for cars backing up in parking lots and driveways.
  • Do not cross the street in the middle of the block. Instead, always use crosswalks.
  • Do not walk at night in dark clothes.
  • Look out for second cars. Pause at each lane of traffic and make eye contact with drivers as you cross the street.
  • Do not walk in the road. No sidewalk? Walk facing traffic as far away from vehicles as possible.

While following these tips as well as other simple precautionary measures such as holding a child’s hand while crossing the street are vital steps, there are also other impactful ways to help reduce the number of pedestrian injuries and deaths that aren’t as commonly thought about, such as using glow sticks and reflective Halloween bags while trick or treating.

When it comes to Halloween safety, we’ve got the products you need to advertise your event or brand while helping to keep trick or treaters safe. In addition to our huge selection of Halloween bags and other Halloween goodies, we also offer a a quality lineup of light up and reflective Halloween products that are designed with child safety in mind. Plus, all of these products are incredibly affordable, so there’s no need to worry about sacrificing safety in order to stay within budget.




Halloween Safety Products

Reflective Halloween Bags

One of our most popular Halloween safety products, reflective Halloween bags are an excellent safety precaution as they reflect car headlights, helping drivers to see children better after dark. We offer a number of disposable options such as our ghost design metallic silver and metallic pumpkin bags, as well as reusable options like our pumpkin drawstring backpacks and our non-woven tote bags. We even offer unique glow-in-the-dark Halloween pails. Available in 32 ounce and 64 ounce options, these pails make a fun alternative to standard treat carriers.

Affordably priced, our reflective Halloween bags come custom printed with your unique design, so they’re perfect for businesses to hand out around Halloween to gain brand exposure, and make great giveaways at Halloween events.


LED Bracelets and Reflective Snap Bands

Another great way to increase child visibility after dark is to include something in their wardrobe that lights up or is reflective, such as our LED bracelets and reflective snap bands. Since these items easily go around a child’s wrist, you don’t have to worry about kids setting them down or dropping them. Like our reflective Halloween bags, our snap bands reflect vehicle headlights, and plus, they feature a fun snap on design that kids love! Meanwhile, our LED bracelets feature a flashing LED light that turns on and off with the push of a button, and are a not only a great safety tool, but are also a fun addition to kids’ costumes as well. Both of these items come custom printed with your unique message or design, so they make fun handouts for businesses, schools, parties, and Halloween events of all kinds.

Reflective Zipper Pulls and Safety Reflector Buttons

Looking for something really unique but also super affordable? Our reflective zipper pulls and safety reflector buttons are fun options to hand out at your next event! Our reflective zipper pulls are great as they easily attach to jackets and backpacks and can be re-used long after Halloween is over. Same with our safety reflector buttons! Available in a handful of great shapes, not only are these flashing, reflective buttons great for increasing visibility on Halloween night, but they’re perfect to use any time of the year. Just attach them to a backpack, shirt, jacket, or bike for increased visibility after dark.


Flashlights and Glow Sticks

Foolproof ways for increased visibility after dark, custom printed flashlights and glow sticks make great Halloween safety items! We offer a huge selection of flashlights to shop from, but our favorites for Halloween are our Aluminum LED Torch Lights as they’re small enough to easily fit in a pocket and feature a wrist strap for easy carry, and our handy Hi-Tech Mini Flashlight key chains. Another fun piece that’s great for getting in the Halloween spirit are our 4″ Premium Glow Sticks. A fun piece to complement costumes, these festive glow sticks are a great way for kids to increase their visibility after dark, in an exciting way! While we love glow sticks for Halloween, the liquid in glow sticks is hazardous, so parents should remind children not to chew on or break them.

By following these simple tips and by using these products, every parent and caregiver can help their child experience a fun and safe Halloween. For additional ideas or for help placing your order, give us a call or contact us through our custom quote page! Our friendly team of experienced sales managers are here to help!

From your friends at PrintGlobe, Happy Halloween!

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