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Are you tired of the same old PTA fundraising ideas? Cookie dough, chocolate, candles, coupon books… I think we’ve all had enough. Each fall, we all get some sort of request to buy some tasteless treat or useless good that will likely get thrown away or stacked somewhere in a corner. With each boring catalog that’s handed your way, do you wish for something useful? Something you really want, or could actually use every day? PTA fundraising doesn’t have to be boring, and here at PrintGlobe, we are here to make your PTA fundraising exciting and easy!

Whether a parent, family member, teacher, co-worker, or friend, people want to help, but it’s likely they’ll be much more willing to help if they can purchase something that’s actually useful.  So this year, when it comes to your next fundraising campaign, put away the coupon books and sweets catalogs and choose something practical that people can carry with pride.

All of our products come custom printed, so whether you want to display your school logo or a unique design, we make sharing your message a breeze. Plus, most of our products come in a plethora of color choices so you can easily match your school’s colors or event theme!

While we have hundreds of products on our website suitable for your next PTA fundraising event, we’ve featured eight of our favorite product ideas below to help get your next campaign started!

PTA fundraising


Think it’s crazy that half of our PTA fundraising ideas are drinkware? Think again! Custom drinkware pieces are hot, and perfect for use all year long! People love a good quality drinkware piece, and we’ve got this year’s hottest items available for your custom imprint!


17 oz. h2go Force Bottles 

It’s very likely that you’ve seen the ever popular S’Well bottles by now. Popping up everywhere from Target to yoga studios, this is one hot piece that everyone wants their hands on! Problem is, it’s not so easy to get a S’Well bottle printed with your custom design, and if you could, the price would likely scare you away. Offering the same superior design and quality, our Force Bottle is available with your custom imprint at a price you can afford! Featuring copper vacuum insulation, these stainless steel bottles can keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for up to 12, making them a practical bottle for any time of the year. Thanks to their durable construction and stylish design, people are sure to use these metal bottles for years to come. Imprint them with your message and start your fundraising campaign today!


Nalgene Water Bottles 

Known for their long-lasting and durable construction, Nalgene brand water bottles have been a leader in the reusable water bottle industry since the very start. Made with FDA compliant and BPA free materials, consumers recognize the quality that Nalgene offers, and find value in the Nalgene name. With over 10 styles available and a plethora of colors to choice from, our custom Nalgene bottles are perfect for matching your school or event theme. Everyone knows the Nalgene name, making Nalgene bottles  “gotta-get-your-hands-on products.” Affordably priced, our custom Nalgene bottles are perfect for your next PTA fundraising campaign!


20 oz. Vacuum Sealed Himalayan Tumblers

Love the YETI brand? So does the rest of the world! YETI products are all the rage, but with price tags (for non custom products) starting at $29.99 per item, they just aren’t practical for bulk orders. Our Himalayan Tumblers offer the same construction, durability, and long-lasting temperature control, but for less than half the price! With prices as low $10.29 per item, you can have your own custom printed tumblers for your next PTA fundraising promotion! Our customers love the price and quality of these tumblers, so we know your parents, family members, teachers, and friends will too. We even offer popular Engel® brand tumblers for those looking for a larger design. If you don’t love either of those choices, give us a call! We’ve got many other styles in our inventory not shown online. With our quality products and affordable prices, we are confident we’ve got just the product for you!


19 oz. Double Wall Acrylic Mason Jars With Handles

Yep, mason jars are still in, and parents seem to love them! Perfect for on-the-go hydration, these trendy mugs make excellent PTA fundraising pieces! Designed for cold drinks, these double walled mason jars keep beverages cold, and their quality construction keeps them from sweating. Don’t love the style or see the color you’re after? Be sure to check out our whole collection! We’ve got something everyone will love!

PTA fundraising

While drinkware is one of our most popular fundraising product categories, we also see a lot of orders for custom spirit pieces, like pennants and car flags, as well as other fun items, like personalized ornaments and reusable shopping bags. Affordably priced for your promotion, we think all of these items will be a smash for your next PTA fundraising campaign!



A classic school memorabilia item, custom pennants make affordable and cherished PTA fundraising pieces. Whether printed with your school name, team mascot, or unique message, they are great for school or sporting events, or even to be hung in a frame at home. Available in all color and styles, we’re confident that we can match your school colors or theme. Just give us a call and start fundraising with custom pennants today!



Perfect for the holidays, custom ornaments are one of our best selling winter fundraising pieces! Whether a parent, teacher, or friend, people who care about your children or school will love buying personalized ornaments for their tree! Plus, ornaments make excellent gifts for grandparents and family members. You know grandma will be proud with her grandson’s school information hanging on her tree! While it might seem crazy to already being thinking about Christmas, truth be told, it’s only 99 days away (but who’s counting?). Order today to beat the holiday rush!


Car Flags

Parent pride runs deep, and there’s no better way to showcase that pride to the whole town than with custom printed car flags! Perfect for showing support for your school, club, or sports team, or even to declare your child’s outstanding GPA, car flags are fun PTA fundraising pieces that people are sure to love!


RuMe Tote Bags

Reusable bags make excellent fundraising pieces, but our custom printed RuMe bags are no ordinary reusable bag! Featured everywhere from Good Morning America, to Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Whole Foods, to Bon Appetit, Vogue, Health, and Parents magazines, eco-friendly RuMe products are some of our hottest reusable bags on the market. Demonstrating quality, affordability, and style, the RuMe collection focuses on functional innovation and self-expression through colorful patterns and customization options. Print these trendy bags with your school logo or message, and you’re sure to have a PTA fundraising hit that will last for years to come!

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