Celebrate Victory with Custom School Spirit Products

school spirit products

Who’s got spirit? You’ve got spirit!

Back to school means back to football, and for some, that’s the best part of the fall season! Get in the game day spirit with our huge selection of custom school spirit products!

While last year we focused on our favorite tailgating items and talked about ways to promote your brand at tailgating parties, this year we are focusing on our top spirit items and the ways you can use them to promote your message not just during football season, but all year long.

We offer hundreds of spirit products perfect for showing pride for your team, school, fraternity, sorority, club, or brand. From taking your message on the road with custom car flags and bumper stickers, to getting people cheering in the stands with printed megaphones and pom poms, we’ve got everything you need to show you care!  Our custom products are not only a great way to show spirit, but they also make excellent giveaways and business advertisements. From sunglasses on a sunny day to ponchos on a rainy day, to sports schedules, car magnets, and more, we’ve got school spirit products appropriate for every occasion!

Whether choosing one of our top sellers below, or going with something else from our huge lineup of tailgating and school spirit products, with our quality selection, it’s easy to show them you’re number one!


school spirit products

Top Selling School Spirit Products


Megaphones and Noise Makers

S-P-I-R-I-T, spirit! Let’s hear it!

What better way is there to be heard in the stands than with custom megaphones and noisemakers?! You’ve got a message to share, so shout it out! We offer megaphones in all different colors and styles, all of which can be printed with your custom design. If those won’t get your message heard, than surely our noise makers and thunderstix will! We’ve got everything from hand clappers to custom cowbells. With our great selection, there’s no need to worry about anyone missing what you have to say!


A classic school memorabilia item, custom pennants make affordable and cherished school spirit promotions. Whether printed with your school name, team mascot, or club information, personalized pennants are perfect for school gift shops, fundraisers, welcome gifts, giveaways, and more. Whether hanging them in a dorm room, framing them for a home, or waving them at a school or sporting event, our custom pennants make appreciated and long-lasting souvenirs.

Pom Poms

Give a cheer, rah-rah! Never fear, rah-rah!

Does a more classic school spirit product even exist? Pom poms are the quintessential choice for school spirit promotions! Whether being used at a sporting event or pep rally, everyone loves to wave around a colorful pom to cheer on their school or team. On top of offering several different styles, we also offer a plethora of color choices so you can match your school or team colors. We even offer metallic pom poms as well as flashing LED poms for a new and exciting twist! Plus, all of our pom poms come printed with your custom design, making them a great way to put your message right in people’s hands!

Foam Fingers and Spirit Hands

Who doesn’t love a good foam finger? We’ve got everything from the classic #1 hand to foam paws and defense mitts. If you’ve got a message you want to share with foam, chances are we have it! We offer a variety of colors, styles, and mascot choices to help meet your spirit needs. If you don’t see what you’re after, give us a call! Our foam inventory runs deep and we are confident we can produce just the style and design you’re after!

Chairs, Stadium Seats, and Cushions

Cheering on your team can be exhausting work, but there’s no reason you can’t continue to show your spirit, even while sitting down. Our custom stadium seats,  folding chairs, and bleacher cushions are a comfortable way to put your message on display years after year. We offer a variety of styles at various price points, keeping your budget in mind! From printed cushions, to folding padded chairs, to custom seat back covers, we’ve got the products you need to stylishly and comfortably show your spirit in the stands and all around town.

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