Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

With Earth Day soon approaching, now is a great time to think about ways you can leave a positive impact on the Earth.  Beyond recycling, there are many easy ways to take care of the environment, including
advertising with our large selection of eco-friendly promotional products.

Made from fully recycled materials, our wide selection of eco-friendly products provide a great, professional look for your logo while also minimizing your carbon footprint. We offer everything from seed packets, to recycled notebooks, to reusable water bottles, all completely environmentally friendly, so you can market your brand and your eco-consciousness at the same time!

Whether you’re just looking for a greener way to advertise, or you need supplies or giveaways for an Earth Day or eco-friendly event, we’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find our favorite eco-friendly promotional products perfect for advertising your brand this Earth Day and every other day of the year!eco-friendly-promotional-products



Reusable Tote Bags

A great way to eliminate waste, our reusable tote bags make excellent handouts for events of all kinds. By using reusable tote bags, people can help to reduce waste caused by single use disposable bags. Tote bags are great for carrying books, groceries, clothing, and much more. We offer a huge selection of eco-friendly tote bags that are made out of organic cotton, as well as a large selection of reusable recycled bags, all made from recycled materials such as recycled plastic bottles.


Eco-Friendly Pens

One of the most timeless promotional pieces on the market, personalized pens make affordable handouts and are classic business essentials.  Our eco-friendly selection of pens includes recycled bottle pens, recycled cardboard pens, recycled paper pens, and much more!


Seed Packets

Watch business bloom by advertising with our large selection of custom seed packets! Perfect for plant nurseries, flower shops, wedding favors, and much more, we offer a variety of seed options from herb, to flower, to fruits and vegetables. All of our packets include your choice of seed and the packets come decorated with your full color, custom design.


Seeded Products

Another unique way to grow business is by advertising with our fun collection of personalized seeded products. We offer a huge selection of seed embedded paper products that make creative advertisements for your brand. From custom plantable shapes to seeded bookmarks, all of our seeded products are embedded with seeds and are designed to be planted to yield flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables. A truly green way to advertise, our seeded products make great giveaways at eco-friendly events, and are a green way to advertise all year long.


Reusable Water Bottles

With people wary of plastic and waste, reusable water bottles are quickly becoming one of the most popular advertising pieces on the market. With a large, clean space for your logo, our custom bottles are an excellent way to advertise yoga studios, gyms, health food stores, and so much more. They also make excellent wedding favors or company gifts, and as an item that will receive continuous use, they’re sure to advertise your brand for years to come.

Choose from our huge selection of designs and styles that suit your taste. We have traditional sports bottles, the popular Nalgene brand, and even filtered bottles that will give drinkers the best taste. With metal, recycled, glass, and BPA-free plastic options, we’ve got a little something for everyone who is looking for a greener way to promote their brand.

eco-friendly promotional products


Eco-Friendly Journals and Notebooks

Studies show that creating a ton of recycled paper uses approximately 35% less energy than the manufacturing of non-recycled paper, making our recycled notebooks a great option for those looking to help take better care of the Earth. All of our journals are made with recycled materials and are offered at affordable prices so you can advertise your brand while helping the environment, without breaking the bank!



An iconic Earth Day promotional piece, our great selection of custom planter and plant sets are a creative way to share your message. Not only will they create a greener space in homes and offices, but they’ll also help keep the Earth green as they purify and freshen the air.


Bird Houses and Bird Feeders

A fun way to take care of nature, our bird houses and bird feeders make unique promotional products! Perfect for realtors, pet stores, and wild life centers, our bird houses and feeders come in a variety of styles and are priced at a point your wallet can feel good about!


Rain Gauges

A great promotional piece for garden stores and plant nurseries, our recycled rain gauges make great spring advertisements. We offer several different styles to suit your unique needs, and all of our rain gauges offer a large space for your custom design. Just choose your favorite style, send us your artwork, and we will handle the rest!


Mini Recycle Containers

A fun handout for Earth Day and eco-friendly events of all kinds, our selection of adorable mini recycling containers are a great way to promote your green message. Containers come in all sorts of styles and make great decoration pieces, desk organizers, novelty gifts, and more!

eco-friendly promotional products

Need eco-friendly supplies for your event? Be sure to check out our great selection of eco-friendly coasters, eco-friendly disposable cups, and eco-friendly napkins. 






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