Rock the Vote with Custom Campaign Materials

Campaign Materials


From presidential candidates to federal and state representatives, to contenders for school board, judge, or sheriff, custom campaign materials are an integral part to any election. Whether it’s a brochure or postcard asking for a vote, a button or lapel sticker to show candidate support, or a yard sign used to advertise your candidate’s name to the masses, campaigns and promotional products go hand-in-hand.

Custom campaign materials are fundamental to establishing name recognition and for raising support. Vital every phase of an election, it’s important to understand the influence promotional products can play from the very beginning of any campaign. To ensure the greatest possibility for success for your candidate, below you’ll find tips and product suggestions to help you successfully endorse your candidate every step of the way.


Embrace the Essentials

Don’t underestimate the importance of fundamental corporate identity pieces such as business cards, letterheads, and donor envelopes; all must-haves in the beginning of a campaign. Once you introduce your name to the public, step things up a notch and help voters get to know your candidate better with other campaigning basics such as brochures, postcards, and political palm cards. All affordable items, these custom campaign materials play a vital role in the early stages of an election.

Once a candidate’s name is supported and recognized by the public, it’s important to keep their name present and on the mind of voters. We find the best way to do this is with wearables, such as lapel stickers, buttons, and political t-shirts, as well as highly visible campaigning pieces like vinyl banners, political posters, magnetic car signs, plastic yard signs, and cardboard signs.


Don’t Forget About Fundraiser and Event Giveaways

Fundraiser and event giveaways are a great way for voters to show support for their candidate. Campaign pens, t-shirts, tote bags, water bottles, and coffee mugs are fundraiser classics, while smaller flat items like political magnets and bumper stickers are perfect to send through the mail. At rallies hand out hand fans and rally signs to add to the excitement and to keep the advertising going long after the rally ends.


Understand the Importance of Union Printing

One thing some candidates neglect to focus on is the importance of union printing. A mark or emblem used to advertise that a product is union-made, if a candidate’s business card or other pieces of corporate identity are missing a union bug, endorsements could be lost, causing detrimental results for a campaign. When it comes to printing corporate identity, you might pay more for a union label, but in the long run, it’s worth it.



Tried-and-true promotional pieces, these campaign materials are sure to lead your candidate on a road to success. For more ideas or for help ordering one of these custom pieces, give us a call. Our helpful and knowledgeable sales team is always here to help!


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