How to Advertise Your Brand with Custom Mardi Gras Products

A time for elaborate celebrations, Mardi Gras is an exciting time to market your brand. Traditionally known as a day for people to indulge before a time of fasting, Mardi Gras has long been a time for extravagant fun. All around the world Mardi Gras draws millions together to celebrate in a big way. Whether participating in Carnival celebrations, partying at a masked ball, or gathering at a parade, custom Mardi Gras products are a festive way to share your message with a large crowd. With our selection of custom Mardi Gras products, we make showcasing your logo easy. From custom Hurricane glasses to personalized Mardi Gras masks, we’ve got a great selection of products to help you showcase your brand this Fat Tuesday!

Custom Mardi Gras Products


Mardi Gras Bead Shot Glasses

Perhaps the most recognized symbol of Mardi Gras, custom Mardi Gras beads make a festive and inexpensive giveaway. A fun and unique twist to traditional bead necklaces, our custom Mardi Gras beads include an attached shot glass to help keep the party going all night long! Choose between our classic 2 oz. Shot Glass Bead Necklaces, or add some flare with our Light Up Neon Glasses!

Masks and Hand Fans

Another iconic symbol of the holiday, personalized Mardi Gras masks and hand fans are a fun way to show off your logo at any type of Fat Tuesday event.  Our personalized masks and hats are an easy way for people to dress up at parades and parties, and our custom hand fans are perfect for those looking for a little bit of extra advertising space.

Hurricane Glasses

Toast to a successful promotion by printing your logo on one the hottest Mardi Gras drinkware items around! The Hurricane cocktail is a New Orleans’ classic, and what place in the United States is more iconic than New Orleans on Mardi Gras? Choose from our classic glass Hurricane cup, or add a festive touch with our plastic palm tree or blinking options!


Looking for an easy way to plaster your logo all around town? Our custom printed balloons are just the ticket! Perfect for parades and festivals, personalized balloons are a great way to spread your message. Shop our metallic and 3D foil balloons for a festive look, or go with our AdWave balloons for a playful handout.


A booming trend, custom temporary tattoos are a fun way to get into the Mardi Gras spirit! We offer a large selection of shapes and sizes to choose from, including our temporary metallic tattoos and glitter options!


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