How Nalgene Bottles are Made


Editor’s note: This post was updated in September 2018 to reflect emerging trends in the industry.


The History of Nalgene Bottles

The history of Nalgene bottles dates back to the 1940s when chemist Emanuel Goldberg developed the first plastic pipette jars, leading to his founding of the Nalge Company. Fast forward to the 1960s when these laboratory bottles were first exposed to the wilderness, when lab-ware scientists who were big into hiking took these lab bottles on backpacking trips because the bottles were leak-proof and lightweight.

Skip ahead a few years now to the 1970s when the “Carry in/Carry Out” trend emerged and conservationists began discouraging campers from the common disposal practice of burning or burying cans and glass containers. By this point, these lab bottles had caught on with the hiking and adventure subculture, and were commonly used on outdoor adventures; even the company’s president’s son was using these bottles on Boy Scout trips, giving the president the idea to market these lab-ware products as a high-quality hiking and camping essentials, and thus, Nalgene Outdoor was born.

Known for their long-lasting, durable construction, Nalgene bottles have been a leader in the reusable water bottle industry since the beginning. Made with FDA compliant and BPA free materials, consumers recognize the quality that Nalgene offers, and find value in the Nalgene name. Now you know a bit about how Nalgene bottles came into existence, but have you ever wondered exactly how Nalgene bottles are made?

See firsthand how American hands oversee the mega machines used to manufacture these durable bottles

in this quick, informative video, originally sourced from the official Nalgene website:



Advertising with Custom Nalgene Bottles

If you weren’t convinced of Nalgene’s superior quality already, this video does a great job showing the attention to detail that goes into each Nalgene product. Pairing your brand name with that recognizable quality is an excellent way to advertise your message all year long. From sporting events, to summer camps, school functions, college orientations, hiking excursions, fundraisers, weddings, parties, and so much more, custom Nalgene bottles are a practical, affordable, and long-lasting advertising solution for occasions of all kinds. We all need to stay hydrated, and Nalgene makes this easy to do in a stylish, BPA free, USA made, eco-friendly way!



We offer a wide variety of custom Nalgene bottles priced to fit budgets of all sizes. All of our personalized Nalgene bottles are available in the traditional Nalgene styles and colors you’ve come to know and love, and offer a large imprint area which can be decorated with your custom logo, message, or design. Known for durability and repeat use, custom Nalgene bottles are an excellent way to gain exposure for your brand for years to come. Start advertising your business with our custom Nalgene water bottles today!

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