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Have you ever wondered what it looks like to be a part of the PrintGlobe team? Sure, we might work in one of the coolest offices in Austin (think a live-music stage, dinosaur mural, and concert and band posters all over our walls), throw some rockin’ parties, and eat breakfast tacos every other week, but it’s our smart and hardworking staff and driven work ethic that makes our company unique.

Our team is passionate, creative, and loves to have a good time. We have rock star skills and work hard to achieve our goals. We thrive in a fast paced environment and love to compete. Don’t know much about printing? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need! Our team knows how to enjoy our casual office, but we also know how to manage deadlines, create solutions, and utilize a wide array of resources to fulfil customer’s projects and give them the product of their dreams.

We are an established, yet growing company that is leading the promotional products and print industry with our online web shopping platform. We have appeared on the “Inc. Fastest Growing Private Companies in America” list eight times, have been included four times on the Austin Business Journal’s “Fast 50” list for the fastest growing companies in Austin, have twice been recognized as a “50 Best Places to Work” company, and have been featured four times on Fortune’s “Inner City 100” list as a fastest growing inner city business.   

We’re looking for people who can share our goals and be passionate about, and capable of, finding ways to achieve them. To give you a better idea of what we’re like and what we are after, PrintGlobe Vice-President of Sales, Jamie Dickens, breaks things down in a short Q&A to tell you what it looks like, and what it takes, to be a member of our team.

Sales Account Manager Q&A

What does your ideal sales account manager candidate look like?

We have a really broad mix of experience, personality, and work styles on our team, so I don’t really think we have a specific “type” of candidate in mind when we’re searching.

Past success is something we always look for though, and when it’s someone with a sales background who has been a top performer in their past positions, we get really excited. Or when we meet someone whose got customer service experience and they are eager to start being rewarded for the business they not only bring in, but also retain, we love that too. We really want to meet candidates who will enjoy finding solutions to our customer’s needs, who will take pride in winning business, and who will be able to build long term relationships.

Past professional experience isn’t everything though, and we have many successful team members who came to us straight out of college or with little “business world” experience. A positive attitude, self-confidence, a competitive nature, an outgoing personality, and a great sense of humor can be more than enough to impress us.


What does a typical day as a PrintGlobe account manager look like?

Because this is an unfiltered inbound sales position, no two days are ever exactly the same. Our customers are literally all over the country, and since we can offer thousands of products and solutions, every day is a new adventure. We start every new request with a “yes we can!” attitude, and then along with our awesome team of graphic artists and supplier partners, we work out great solutions that we can present to customers and ultimately deliver on time and on target.

A typical day would include talking to new prospects by phone, online chat, and email, gathering necessary details for generating quotes and proposals, responding to existing customers quote requests, collaborating with our graphics team and suppliers on project status, and finally, coordinating with production and shipping departments on delivery schedules to ensure we meet our goals.

We work with a lot of details and deadlines and all thrive a little bit in the chaos.


What’s the most exciting part about being a member the PrintGlobe team?

In our 20 years of business we really have gained a strong reputation for quality and service and our team has earned the trust of some really cool clients! Just today I saw some orders placed for a major movie studio’s holiday premier event, and that has everyone here a little excited. We are printing for literally some of the coolest companies in the world, and they think of us as their branding partners, or an extension of their marketing team. The printing and promotional projects we’re helping them with are important to the success of their events, and are going to help define their brand’s image. We have a great responsibility to deliver on our promises and we take that very seriously.  It’s always so rewarding to hear that a new product launch, a small business grand opening, or a wedding day was made just a little bit better because of what we did.


In your opinion, what sets PrintGlobe apart from the rest, and really makes it a unique place to work?

Well, you can’t tell by reading this Q&A, but I’m sitting here right now in jeans and a hoodie, and mostly everyone else is dressed about the same. Our President and CEO, Dan Steinborn, realized way back in the beginning that it doesn’t really matter if you’re wearing a tie or not when you’re talking to a customer on the phone!

Seriously though, we try to keep the environment here relaxed and we let our team of professionals work in the style that best suits them.  We don’t have a lot of time-wasting meetings, and our team has a lot of freedom to operate their own sales practices within ours. We give everyone negotiating power with their clients, and everyone keeps their daily schedules how they see fit. We always give the necessary support and empowerment to our sales team to hold up our service standard, which is basically The Golden Rule…always treat your customers the way you would want to be treated!


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