How to Increase Brand Visibility

Building brand awareness is the first step for any company serious about its branding strategy. While increased consumer awareness is only one element to developing a brand strategy, visibility is the principal idea behind brand advertising and promotion, and by publicizing your brand name and setting it apart from the competition, you can generate more interest in your business, leading to more contacts, and potentially, more sales.

Becoming visible is something every small business strives to do, and with billions of dollars spent every year on advertising efforts, it’s important to be wise with your approach to your branding strategy. By following these steps, you will be on your way to engaging your audience and ensuring that your brand gets the best visibility possible.




Establish a Consistent Brand Message

What do you want consumers to remember about your brand? Whether you are looking to sell a service or a product, it’s important to come up with a clear and consistent message that you want communicated to the masses. This message should be repeated in all advertising materials, and should be something consumers can easily grasp and understand.

One of the most effective ways to do this is through your business logo. The most basic way to identify a product or service, a unique logo plays a key role in brand visibility. The main goal of a business logo is to convey the service of the brand to potential customers so that when they see your logo displayed somewhere, they will know what your business is about. By being visible in the market and building a relationship with customers, through your logo, people will learn how to recognize your service and will quickly associate that service with your brand.

A good example of this would be McDonald’s use of the golden arches. People don’t need to see the McDonald’s name to know what the golden arches mean. Through logo recognition, anyone familiar with this fast food chain will know what the golden arches are trying to sell.

Once you’ve come up with a consistent message it’s important to find your target audience to whom you can market your brand. Who are your target customers and what do they want? By taking these questions into account when advertising your business, you’ll be able to more effectively reach your target audience and gain more visibility for your brand.


Develop a Strong Internet Presence

One of the most valuable ways to introduce people to your business is through a strong internet presence. Most marketers are aware of the internet’s power, which means that you will need a thorough understanding of online technologies and marketing tactics in order to compete. Online marketing opens up doors to customers that you usually wouldn’t be able to reach, and by consistently sharing valuable content, you will increase visibility for your brand. The more engaged your audience is, the more they will share your content, therefore, leading to more visibility, and potentially more sales.

Having a proper grasp on social media and search engine optimization practices are essential components to building brand awareness in the modern era. When it comes to e-commerce businesses, one must ask what’s better for increasing their reach – paid marketing or organic marketing? According to research, a balance of both with a long term goal of organic focus beating out paid marketing is the way to go.

Paid marketing can be turned on or off as your budget allows, relies on keyword research and constant management, and brings instant results. On the other hand, while organic traffic does not provide instant results and typically takes a lot of effort to maintain, it provides free exposure that offers residual benefits over time.  A focus on organic marketing is a focus on increasing the quality of website content in order to provide valuable information to potential customers and to show up in the front pages of search engine results.

To achieve good organic search results it’s important to publish valuable content frequently, to use relevant and popular keywords, and to mix up what you share. Writing valuable content about your business is important, but be sure to keep things interesting. By publishing unique and valuable content you’ll keep your customers coming back for more.

A business blog is a great place to publish your content, and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are excellent places to share that information. Google+ can improve your search visibility and business credibility, and is also a very valuable place to share blog posts and articles. If your product or service is very visual, Pinterest is a great way to create website traffic, and if you focus on B2B, devoting effort to your LinkedIn business page is worth some time.

Excel in Customer Service

Many businesses fail to realize just how important good customer service is for the overall health of a company. Being efficient and courteous to customers is no longer enough. People will always remember what kind of service they received and will associate this with your brand.  As adequate customer service is the norm for many businesses, it’s therefore necessary to consistently go above and beyond what’s normal in order to help customers form a positive association with your business. By doing this, your product or service will stand out from the competition, gaining more visibility for your brand.


Establish and Maintain a Positive Image for your Brand

Beyond providing a great product and service, a positive brand image can be achieved by building community around your business and creating positive feelings about your brand. This can be accomplished through free merchandise or coupon offers and by event and charity involvement. Community involvement not only communicates positive brand messaging, but also makes a great opportunity to further your brand’s reach and exposure.

After you have achieved a positive image with the public, your business can gain more visibility through third party endorsements. Positive reviews of your brand or service works as free advertising, and consumers are more likely to believe another person as opposed to a high priced advertising campaign. People respond to good experiences, and good reviews impact your brand image, making your business more attractive to potential buyers.  As your business’ brand visibility increases and people start to sample your product, your business will become memorable, and people will develop loyalty to your brand.


Gain Visibility Through Promotional Products

Lastly, help people to remember your brand by using promotional products imprinted with your business logo. Whether printing your company name on business materials such as business cards, envelopes, pens, or legal folders, or on gifts or giveaway items like water bottles, power banks, or coffee mugs, printing your logo on items that receive continuous use is an extremely effective way to help familiarize people with your brand.


Every business strives to set their brand apart from the competition and to convince consumers of the brand’s merit. Understanding and following these steps can help your business gain positive recognition and visibility, and will help your branding strategy succeed.

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