Green Marketing with Basta Surf

When marketing your brand, every little detail counts. Luxury swimsuit line and customer Basta Surf prides itself not only on their seamless attention to detail, but also for their environmentally friendly worldview and their passion for global responsibility. When it comes to keeping those details green, Basta Surf doesn’t skip a beat. Even their hang tags take an ecological approach.


“Shoring up that brand identity means even the hang tags on Basta’s product must reflect values of quality, subtlety and an environmentally conscious worldview,” said leading promotional products publication, Advantages Magazine, in reference to our Seeded Paper Hang Tags which we craft for Basta Surf products.

As each hand tag is embedded with wildflower seeds and yields flowers when planted and watered, this product goes hand-in-hand with Basta’s eco-friendly marketing approach. “They wanted to elevate their brand,” said PrintGlobe Sales Manager, Camilea Robertson, to Advantages Magazine. “They thought that this would be effective in showing their earth consciousness and organic materials.”

In addition to green advertising on their products, Basta Surf continues their efforts in global responsibility by donating a portion of their proceeds to Waves For Water,  a non-profit who works to provide clean water to communities in need around the world, furthering the economic and ecological impact of our promotional products.

Our work with Basta Surf serves as yet another reminder that every customer relationship we form is unique, and that each promotional product we sell helps to make a difference in the world.  Whether big or small, every little detail counts, even all the way down to apparel hang tags!

To read more about Basta Surf’s use of our hang tags, please see the article from the April issue of Advantages Magazine, featured below.


Full a larger view, please click the image. To read the full article, visit Advantages’ website to access the digital edition. 

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