Where We’ve Been: Hollywood Movie Screenings

Our products often show up in some pretty cool locations, like HBO television show premieres such as mentioned in our previous post, or at Hollywood movie screenings, like the private early screening of Fifty Shades of Grey that took place last month at The Grove in Los Angeles.

We’ve been honored to work with The Grove’s Marketing Director, Randy Maskell, on a number of projects, crafting promotional products for some of The Grove’s most popular events, including this screening of Fifty Shades of Grey. Thanks to Maskell’s innovative planning and partnership with Racked LA,  before the movie was officially released to the public, a handful of lucky fans were the first to experience the worldwide phenomenon, enjoying an early dose of Christian Grey – both on the big screen, and on their popcorn boxes.

Custom popcorn boxes are a great way to add a unique flare to special events, and while we’ve fashioned a number of popcorn boxes for Maskell, this is likely the sexiest popcorn box we’ve ever created for one of The Grove’s events. Maskell was sure to cover all the basics to make this screening a hit, including personalizing the event popcorn boxes with the physique of the movie’s star, Jamie Dornan.popcorn-boxes

Personalized popcorn boxes add a special touch to company parties, grand opening events, or at movie premieres. They are great for banks, hardware stores, and almost any other type of business. They are a great promotional tool, and with so many shapes, sizes, and decorating options available, almost any kind of information or event can be advertised with one of America’s favorite snacks!

To see our boxes in action and for more coverage on this event, please visit Racked LA’s website.

Interested in learning more about our personalized popcorn bags and boxes? Please visit our Popcorn Bags and Boxes page or call a dedicated account representative at 1-800-989-2181 for more information. We are here to help!

Products featured in this post: Large 5″ x 8″ Full Color Closed Top Popcorn Boxes and 4″ x 8″ Large Scoop Style Popcorn Boxes

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