Promotional Marketing Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Editor’s note: this post was updated in October 2018 to reflect emerging trends in the industry.

Looking for stocking stuffer ideas to help with seasonal marketing? You’ve come to the right place!

With Christmas and Hanukkah just weeks away, now is the time to order your holiday gifts! Promotional gift giving is a great way to market your brand, all while spreading holiday cheer! While we have hundreds of gifts on our website that are perfect for holiday gift giving, today we are focusing on some of our favorite small promotional items, and helping you to check stocking stuffers off of your shopping list.  Whether you intend to place them under a tree or stuff them in a stocking, marketing your brand with personalized holiday gifts is a great way to not just get your message out there, but to also reward your employees, customers, clients, family, and friends while doing so.


Read on to learn more about our 10 favorite stocking stuffer ideas to promote your brand this holiday season!


stocking stuffer ideas

Personalized Wine Stoppers

Treat the wine lovers in your life with personalized wine stoppers! Upscale and elegant, custom wine stoppers put your name in the spotlight and make fabulous corporate gifts. Great for wineries, bars, and anyone who loves wine! Pop open your next brilliant advertising campaign and spread holiday cheer with a promotional treat people can use all year long.


Glass Water Bottles

Looking for a promotional item that will get repeated use? Reusable glass water bottles are quickly becoming a hot promotional tool as people grow weary of plastic and waste. Even though they’re made of glass, our custom glass water bottles are still very durable, and are perfect for water drinkers everywhere… AKA, everyone!


Power Banks

Keep your clients connected with personalized mobile device chargers! A handy promotional item to have in a bind, power banks make great holiday gifts as they add juice to your marketing campaign and offer ongoing company exposure. From budget items starting as low as $7.05 per item, to upscale options like our power bank and bluetooth speaker gift sets, we’ve got something for everyone on your list!


Touch Screen Gloves

With tech being such a dominate part of people’s lives, custom touch screen gloves make great holiday gifts as they allow people to use their touchscreen devices during the winter months, all while keeping fingers and hands toasty warm! Featuring conductive tips for easy smartphone and tablet navigation, touch screen gloves make it easy to stay connected, all while keeping your message front and center.


Cell Phone Grips

If you’ve ever used a cell phone grip on your phone or tablet, you know just how handy these innovative little devices can be! Designed to make holding your cell phone or tablet easier, these custom items make excellent stocking stuffers. Plus, most also double as a phone or tablet stand, doubling their appeal! We offer the popular PopSocket brand, as well as a number of other styles, including plastic and metal options.


Leather Ornaments

Everyone knows that ornaments make fantastic holiday gifts, but what about leather ornaments? Leather has a high-perceived value, so if you love the idea of using ornaments as a promotional tool, but want something maybe a little more upscale than standard offerings, leather ornaments are a great option to turn to! We have a number of colors and styles available, including star, tree, and snowman shaped leather ornaments, as well as a gift set which contains all three, in case you can’t decide on just one!


Eco-Friendly Flash Drives

Wooden flash drives are a unique and environmentally friendly way to spread your message. Popular with schools and tech companies, portable flash drives are great for anyone needing to transfer data fast! With our large selection of eco-friendly flash drives, custom shaped flash drives, and assorted USB’s and flash Drives, we’ve got something for everyone on your list!


Personalized Cigar Cutters

Cigars are great for celebrating holidays, milestones, and special events; put your brand in mind during these times with our selection of personalized cigar cutters! We’ve got several styles and price points to choose from to best suit your shopping needs. Treat your clients or employees this holiday season with a timeless and classic gift!


Essential Oils and Candles

Candles are an appreciated gift that everyone loves, and if you haven’t noticed already, essential oils are booming in popularity! We offer a number of essential oil and candle gifts that are sure to put even the most pickiest recipients on your list in a positive mood. From our all natural soy candles, to our aromatherapy candles in mason jars, to our essential oil roller bottles, we’ve got something for everyone!


EOS Lip Balm

Lip balm is an item that everyone can use, and EOS lip balm is an item that everyone wants! Treat your friends, family, employees, or clients with a gift they can use with our selection of personalized EOS lip balms! Because of their small size, they’re perfect for putting in stockings, and thanks to their practicality, they’re an item that’s sure to be held on to for months to come!



For more stocking stuffer ideas we encourage you to chat with us online or give us a call. We’ve been helping our customers with holiday orders for over 20 years, so our team of friendly printing experts know just the questions to ask to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Call or browse our website for more stocking stuffer ideas and get your order started today!


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