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Custom Backscratchers

Itching for a smart way to advertise? Custom printed promotional backscratchers are a unique way to market your brand. Help keep your clients and customers comfortable while they get a grip on your company logo on the handles of affordable custom backscratchers!

Custom Printed Backscratchers for Your Next Campaign

Turns out that we've got animals to thank for this genius tool! Researchers credit the invention of back scratchers to early primates, and certain species of animals like apes, who used tree branches to reach an itch. Primitive man very likely mimicked this behavior, thus creating our modern-day idea of backscratchers!

Throughout history, backscratchers have appeared in many civilizations around the world, as both items of practically, as well as fashion statements. There are images showing courtiers in Europe wearing powdered wigs, elaborate costumes, and you guessed it, decorative backscratchers! Who ever said practical items couldn't also be stylish?

Successful Promotions Are Within Reach

Today, backscratchers largely just exist as a practical device, there to take care of users' itches. Available in a number of styles and materials, from wood to plastic, our custom printed backscratchers might not be designed to wear alongside wigs and elaborate clothes, but that doesn't mean they don't look good! They're practical, and when decorated with your company logo or design, they're stylish as well! Help keep clients comfortable while keeping your logo on display with our affordable selection of custom branded backscratchers! From backscratchers with massage rollers to backscratchers with shoe horns, we've got the promotional backscratchers you need for a successful marketing campaign!

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