Wholesale Styrofoam Cups

Browse our selection of event products and supplies for ideas for your next special occasion or function. PrintGlobe has a great selection of wholesale Styrofoam cups, custom printed napkins and much more. Contact us for further information or to start designing your own personalized products.

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6 oz Foam Cups

Don’t be fooled by their small size! These 6 oz. wholesale Styrofoam cups will make a bold statement when imprinted with your logo. Customize your foam cups today and make a great first impression with all of your clients, partners, family or friends! Perfect for coffee, tea, frozen yogurt and ice cream.

Price as low as $0.23 - Minimum Quantity:

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8 oz Foam Cups

Offer style and substance with these 8 oz. wholesale Styrofoam cups. They will keep your beverage warm, your hand cool, all while displaying your custom printed logo. Our team of designers is waiting to help you create your one-of-a-kind personalized foam cups, call now for assistance.

Price as low as $0.23 - Minimum Quantity: 100

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10 oz. Foam Cups

10 oz. Foam Cups

Promote simply with these 8 oz. custom foam cups. These premium cups allow you to showcase your logo in a subtle way and even provide quick and easy clean up. These disposable Styrofoam cups are non-toxic and keep beverages the right temperature. Order and create your ultimate personalized cups, now!

Price as low as $0.23 - Minimum Quantity: 100 pieces

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12 oz Foam Cups

These foam cups may look plain but the minute you imprint them with your original artwork or logo they become a work of art. These 12 oz personalized Styrofoam cups are an excellent way to display your logo. Contact our dedicated team of designers and we will turn your original artwork into your ultimate custom foam cups.

Price as low as $0.25 - Minimum Quantity: 100

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14 oz Foam Cups

These versatile 14 oz. wholesale Styrofoam cups can be used at any special event, function or occasion. The plain white surface makes a spectacular canvas for displaying your personalized logo or message. Stock up on your custom foam cups today and be prepared for your next big event!

Price as low as $0.25 - Minimum Quantity: 100

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16 oz. Foam Cups

16 oz Foam Cups

Add a touch of fun and color to your next party or event with 16 oz. personalized Styrofoam cups. These cups are constructed of a high-quality, environmentally-friendly Styrofoam that is excellent for imprinting your artwork or logo. Call now and begin customizing your ultimate foam cup.

Price as low as $0.26 - Minimum Quantity: 100

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24 oz Foam Cups

Imprint your artwork or brand on these oversized 24 oz. personalized Styrofoam cups and your logo will be begging for attention. Perfect for parties, tradeshows, outdoor promotions and concerts, these giant cups can’t be missed.

Price as low as $0.31 - Minimum Quantity: 100

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32 oz. Foam Cups

32 oz Foam Cups

Take the stress out of advertising with these 32 oz. personalized Styrofoam cups. Simply, imprint a vibrant and colorful brand or logo on these oversized cups and they will advertise themselves. Order yours now in time for your next big event!

Price as low as $0.34 - Minimum Quantity: 100

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