Hand Sanitizers and Antibacterial Products

Spread the word with our healthy selection of Custom Hand Sanitizers and Antibacterial Products. Popular giveaways for virtually any promotion, Logo Anti Germ Products keep your brand in view and in client's hands.

Antibacterial Sprays

Hand Sanitizer Sprays

Promotional Antibacterial Sprays offer instant sanitation in stylish spray containers. Keep your company image squeaky clean while protecting customers against germs with affordable antibacterial sprays.

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Antibacterial Gel

Hand Sanitizer Gels & Lotions

Promote healthy customer relationships with Logo Antibacterial Gels. Antibacterial Gels and lotions are ideal for anyone on-the-go, and are perfectly suited for health and wellness programs, offices, schools, and much more!

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Antibacterial Wipes | Promotional Hand Wipes

Antibacterial Wet Wipes

Clean up your promotion with Hand Wipes! Browse our selection of Antibacterial Wipes in your choice of packaging options, from small packets to large canisters with colored accents to complement your printed logo.

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