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3 Low-Tech Giveaways That Your Customers Will Love

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

The new iPhone has been released, iOS7 is being downloaded around the globe, KitKat is about to launch, Samsung is touting their S5 and we’re all still learning how to use our S4’s. Technology is wonderful, and it’s everywhere, and it keeps changing, and at some point with everyone “Tech-fatigue” is going to set in.

Now of course there are plenty of branding applications where a tech gadget, like a stylus pen, or a tablet cover make excellent marketing pieces for your campaign. But if your message isn’t necessarily tech-related how do you decide what branded accessory is going to appeal to all your tech savvy customers?

These issues can be easily avoided by getting back to basics and embracing these 3 low-tech items that even your most  tech-addicted customers will  love.




candy handouts, leave behind candy

Leave behind a sweet treat and a long lasting impression


For those clients you call on all year long, there isn’t a much sweeter leave behind than candy. Simple, effective, and most importantly, consumable.  Your customers will share it, or enjoy it themselves, and either way, most likely by the next time you come around it will be gone and they’ll be thrilled to have you leave them another. You can’t always say the same thing about a pen cup holder or a mousepad. Sure, they’ll use those too, but they won’t need another one for many years.


logo umbrella

Always save the day with your "Hero Message" printed on an umbrella






Virtually unchanged since their creation, umbrellas are about as low-tech as you can get… but when you need one you are always awfully glad you’ve got one handy. When you’ve given your clients a printed umbrella with your message or logo you’re making sure that your brand is seen as their hero every time they weather gets messy.


ad calendars, printed calendars, personalized calendars

What other promotion is going to hang around all year?






Yeah I know you’re thinking this really is the lowest tech thing we could come up with!  But for an excellent reason…Can you think of another give-away that is going to be useful to your customers all year long? Calendars started being used for advertising and marketing purposes back in the mid-19th century, and today they come in dozens of different styles and applications. Custom printed wall calendars have imagery to match nearly every industry, hobby, and trend, and magnet calendars can serve as coupon and game schedule reminders.


Advertise All Year with Promotional Calendars

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Are you looking for a promotional product that will keep your logo in view 24/7 all year long? Custom calendars from PrintGlobe, are an economical way to advertise throughout the year. Calendars are an effective product for practically any event, promotion or giveaway and come in a wide variety of themes, sizes and styles.

Wall Calendars
Imprinted Wall Calendars are a popular and effective promotional product choice. PrintGlobe has an extensive collection of logo wall calendars to choose from. Our wall calendars come in a wide variety of themes including, animal calendars, inspirational calendars, artistic calendars, sports calendars, patriotic calendars, pin-up calendars and a whole lot more. Your custom imprint will look excellent displayed on the wall calendar of your choice.

Promotional Desktop Calendars allow recipients to keep their appointments in order easily while displaying your logo on a constant basis. Desk calendar printing is great for showcasing your imprint to clients and customers in a functional way. Desk calendars come in an array of designs that will fit with a variety of themes and promotional events, everyone can use a calendar! Order yours today to start promoting all year long.

Calendar Cards
Logo Calendar Cards are a great giveaway for year round promotion. These compact calendars may be small but they pack a big promotional punch. Imprint your custom artwork on these calendar cards and get your brand recognized 365 days a year. Personalize your calendar cards with your business logo or message and mail them out for a simple way to gain mass exposure while on a budget.

Eco-Friendly Calendars
Eco-Friendly Calendars will help you build your brand while making a difference in the environment. Personalized eco-friendly calendars are a wonderful way to show your support at fundraisers, tradeshows, environmental campaigns, school functions and giveaways. Browse our online catalog for an extensive selection of environmentally friendly calendars that will keep your promotions green.

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