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Social Media Small Talk – Talk about the Weather & Show a Thermometer!

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

There is a social media phenomenon occurring anytime there is extreme weather…people everywhere post pictures of their nearest thermometer showing off the current super hot, or outrageously cold temperatures!

In the summer when temps hit 100+, you can bet you’ll see news feeds full of  “OMG!” posts, accompanied by a shot of their car thermometer. And when temps plunge, like they have this week thanks to the “Artic Vortex” that has gripped most of the nation, thermometers are once again the most photographed old-school devices on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

So when it comes to brand exposure custom printed thermometers are the newest hidden gem of the marketing and promotional products world.

As give-aways, they’re unique, they’re useful, and they have excellent staying power, and like in this example below your brand and message have megawatt exposure when snapped into a weather selfie.

Orion Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Thermometers


Brighten Up Your Brand With the Pantone Color of the Year

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

The colors red, blue and black have been the go-to colors of promotional products for, well frankly, far too long.

Increasingly, business are shaking off the old stodgy design colors and bright, modern and punchy colors are making their way into corporate branding.

This year, Pantone, the experts in all things color, has designated “Radiant Orchid”…essentially a light purple hue…as their color of the year for 2014. Last year Emerald Green was the “It” color in fashion and design trends, and before that Tangerine Orange was the darling color of the moment.

So knowing that Radiant Orchid, and all things purple are soon to be in vogue, we know from past years that marketing products are soon to follow.

How can you incorporate purple in your brands marketing?

Purple is created by the blending of Red and Blue, two strong colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. This makes it a great color for any company or organization that wants to relay a sense of balance and equality.

Purple also represents peace of mind, and is a calming color, which makes it a great for outreach campaigns that want to reassure or soothe.

Purple is also known as a royal color, and can be an indicator of wealth, position and prestige, which makes it a natural selection for finance and investment marketing campaigns.

There are hundreds of items that currently come in brilliant shades of purple, and almost any logo converted to black or white will make a strong and lasting impression.





2 Wearable Mustache Promo’s For Men’s Health Awareness

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Can you answer this SAT style question?

The color pink is to October/breast cancer as _______ are to November/prostate cancer.

If you said MUSTACHES then you are familiar with men’s health awareness campaigns that have gained in global popularity over the last few years.

According to statistics published by the Movember Foundation, in the US alone, 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime and men get diagnosed with prostate cancer 35% more than women get diagnosed with breast cancer.

These two creative and wearable promo’s will help raise awareness for your brand, and men’s health.

Pop-Out Coasters

More than a coaster, it's an instant costume!


Mustache On A Stick

Your logo on this Mustache almost guarantee's Social Media exposure

2 Most Powerful Promotional Products You Probably Aren’t Using

Monday, September 9th, 2013

When it comes to promoting your business there are all sorts of  ways to get your name out there in front of your potential customers. Social media strategies and online marketing campaigns get a lot of attention these days…but these 2 promotional products have proven to be cost effective, quick, and long lasting ways to quickly make an impression on a crowd.

Look closely, these two products have a great value to you customers and will  keep your logo in front of them for a long time.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Insulated Grocery Bag, Reusable bags

Reusable Grocery Totes Allow Your Brand To Make a Lasting Impression









More and more cities like our very own Austin, TX are adopting plastic bag bans and these carry-all’s are becoming a trunk staple for many Americans. Because they have such a large available area for decoration these bags give your brand a ton of exposure, and allow you to showcase your logo, message, or campaign theme in a big bold visual way.

Reusable grocery bags are now available with insulation, with wine/bottle dividers, and in a huge assortment of colors, shapes and sizes. There is a reusable grocery bag for nearly every brand and campaign and marketing pros know that their usefulness extends well past the supermarket. Reusable bags are being spotted at the park and on the beach, at children’s sporting events, even at airports as a last minute and easy to pack backup carryon bag.

 Stylus Pens

stylus tip pen

I'm Not Just A Pen, I'm A Tech Gadget!








Pens, probably the most tried and true business branding essential of all time.  And with the proliferation of tablets, phablets, and smartphones, stylus pens are more than just a writing instrument, they’re valuable tech gadgets! A quick search of Amazon shows a range of tech styluses STARTING around $10-$12 each…and promotional stylus pens can be ordered right now for under $1.00 a piece! 

Stylus pens certainly deliver value and the most bang-for-your-marketing-buck this year.




Tips for Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

PrintGlobe Promotional Products New Year
The hustle and bustle of the holidays is here. Hanukkah has ended, Christmas Day is only a few days away and New Year’s is almost upon us. It’s a great time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions and planning your promotions for 2013. Here are a few tips to help you stick to your goals for the New Year.

Make Attainable Resolutions:
The first tip for successful resolutions is making sure your goals are reasonable and that you’re not setting yourself up for failure. Don’t expect to change overnight; resolutions are a way to set goals to better yourself throughout the year. Make resolutions that are challenging yet attainable and stick with them!

Formulate A Plan:
Having a plan before you start tackling your resolution is an effective way to set goals and give you a precise plan of attack. This will help you decide how exactly you will accomplish your goals and how to stay committed to your resolution all year long.

Set Goals:
If you break down your resolution into smaller achievable goals it’s easier to stick with it. Aim for smaller goals that will add up to your end objective. This will also let you achieve small milestones that you can celebrate, which is a great way to stay motivated.

Find A Resolution Partner:
It’s a great idea to make a resolution with a partner. This person will act as a support system, offering encouragement, reminders and give you help when needed. You’re not alone – friends, family, peers, co-workers can all be fantastic motivators.

Don’t Give Up:
Remember that if you have a set-back, not to give up on your resolution. Just continue with your goals and keep putting forth effort into achieving your resolution. Everyone needs a break from time to time, so don’t let a small set-back in your goals stop you from keeping to your resolution.

Don’t forget to get an early start on your promotions for the year. Make this year a big success and raise the bar for 2013. Check out our huge selection of fantastic customizable products at and start your year off right.

One Keyring to Rule Them All!

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Are you questing for the right promotional item? December is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to start shopping for gifts if you haven’t already. While December is full of great Holidays, this year it also means the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. If you’re unfamiliar, The Hobbit is the prequel to the Lord of the Rings. It’s an epic fantasy-adventure film series based on J.R.R. Tolkien novels and I can’t wait to see it!

Since the movie will be out in just a few weeks, it made me wonder how to bring my two loves together, The Lord of The Rings and promotional products. That is when it hit me, keyrings! Custom keyrings are a great way to play off of the quote from the story, “One keyring to rule the all” and they make excellent holiday gifts.

Luckily, PrintGlobe carries a huge selection of customizable keyrings. What’s so great about keyrings and keychains? They’re inexpensive, practical, will get used repeatedly and are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Let’s take a look at just a few available options.

Metal Key Chains and Leather Keychains may not help you stave off Orcs, but they are two great ways to add some class to your gifts or giveaways. Metal keyrings are a modern, classic and highly durable choice. They can be screen printed in a variety of colors and even laser etched for a sophisticated look. Leather Keychains are available in a variety of great leather colors and are an excellent way to impress recipients.

Eco-Friendly Key Rings would definitely be a Hobbit’s first choice. They are an excellent alternative to ordinary keychains. They’re available in biodegradable corn plastic, recycled plastic, sustainable bamboo, recycled rubber and more. They’re perfect for the environmentally conscious, green business campaigns and holiday gifts.

Budget Key Chains are a fantastic low cost option for large giveaways, thank you gifts and holiday events. These keyrings may be inexpensive, but they’re a high-quality way to stretch your budget. Budget Key Chains are available in a variety of materials and shapes that will look even better when imprinted with your artwork, logo or message.

Be sure to journey over to check out our whole line of Personalized Keychains.

Breast Cancer Awareness Products for October

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Did you know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month? It’s a whole month dedicated to spreading awareness, sharing information and empowering individuals to monitor their health. It is all about a community of organizations, medical associations, survivors, patients and the general public working together to increase awareness and offer support.

If you’re interested in promoting Breast Cancer Awareness, now is the perfect time to start planning your events, fundraisers, promotions and more. PrintGlobe is here to help you design the perfect promotional products for this cause. We offer a large selection of Breast Cancer Awareness Products that can be personalized with your logo, organization’s name or artwork.

Here are just a few of the great items we offer:

Custom bags are always an immensely popular giveaway item and our Pink Shopping Bags are a perfect example! We have everything from non-woven tote bags to frosted plastic shopping bags, and they are all available in fantastic shades of pink that command attention! Just add your logo or artwork to any one of our Pink Plastic Bags and they will make excellent giveaways, gifts, advertisements and more. Get a handle on your advertising and customize your Breast Cancer Awareness bags today!

If you’re looking for items that will get used on a day-to-day basis, look no further than pink drinkware! PrintGlobe carries a great selection of drinkware with Pink Sports Bottles being our most popular choice. Drinkware is effective because it gets your logo right into hands where it can be seen with every sip. Along with sports bottles, we also carry Pink Cups, including; stadium cups, coffee cups and disposable cups – all of which can be customized.

Last but not least are all of the other great giveaway items we carry, such as, Breast Cancer Awareness Wristbands, Awareness Ribbons, Pink Pens and Pink T-Shirts. No matter what item you’re looking for, PrintGlobe has the perfect promotion to help you spread awareness and gain recognition.

Celebrate National Pet Month with Pet Promotions

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Celebrate National Pet Month with your favorite furry friends from April 3rd to May 3rd. National Pet Month strives to promote responsible pet ownership, increase public awareness of pet health, and make people aware of the benefits of pet ownership. It is the perfect time to promote with personalized pet products from PrintGlobe.

Custom Leashes and Collars
Promote your logo in style with custom leashes and collars. These animal friendly promotions will make a big impact while on the go with your furry companions. We have an excellent selection of promotional dog collars and custom dog leashes that will look sensational imprinted with your brand or artwork. Advertising with pet products is a promotional walk in the park.

Pet Bowls

Bowl them over with adorable custom printed pet bowls from PrintGlobe. Personalized dog bowls are the perfect way to cater to your customers or clients’ best friend. They make excellent gifts for pet owners and they are sure to keep your favorite feline or canine happy. Treat yourself and your four legged friends to our fantastic selection of food and water bowls.

Printed Pet Toys
Make tails wag with custom printed pet toys from PrintGlobe. Our personalized dog accessories are loved by pets and pet owners and offer a great branding opportunity for any business. They are great for veterinary clinics, pet supply stores, business promotions, animal welfare charities, schools and so much more. Order your very own fetching custom pet supplies today and save!

Pet Waste Dispensers

Promote your next pet-centric event with promotional waste bag containers from PrintGlobe. They provide a convenient way for pet owners to pick up after their pets and keep the environment clean. Pet bag holders are ideal for pet-friendly businesses, kennels, adoption centers, doggie parks, animal campaigns and more. You don’t have to beg for a successful pet promotion – order your very own custom pet supplies today!

Shop PrintGlobe for purr-fect pet products that will make your brand or slogan look sensational. Our personalized pet giveaways are an excellent way to stand out from the pack. Order yours today!

March Branding Madness

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

March is coming. Do you know what that means? March Madness is on its way! So get your game on and boost your marketing campaign with promotional products from PrintGlobe! We have a fantastic selection of custom sports products that will ensure you score a promotional slam dunk this season!

Spirit Items
Make some noise with custom printed spirit items! They will make your logo or message stand out from the crowd. Foam fingers are an inexpensive way to maximize your team spirit and brand exposure. We have a wide assortment of foam shapes to choose from, to ensure everyone knows you are #1! Check out our selection of Bang Sticks to pump up the crowd at sporting events, tailgating parties, pep rallies and more. Custom bang sticks are guaranteed to make some noise and draw attention to your brand!

Custom Pennants
Make crowds cheer for your favorite team while advertising your brand with custom pennants and signs from PrintGlobe! School Pennants are the perfect way to flag down leads while showing your school spirit. They are perfect for little league games, sporting events, school pep rallies and outdoor promotions. Make every special occasion even more fun with popular personalized pennants!

Temporary Tattoos
Wear your team pride on your sleeve with Sports Temporary Tattoos! Custom tattoos are a trendy and highly effective promotional giveaway for any event. They are cost-effective, popular and high impact – an easy slam dunk! Practically anything can be printed on Logo Tattoos, so unleash your creativity today and promote like a champ!

Stadium Seats
Don’t take a back seat, step up your game with Custom Printed Stadium Seats! They are sensational for advertising your message at sporting events and tailgating parties. Give them out to sports lovers to make a lasting impression or supply them to little league teams for self promotion. Stadium Seat Cushions are an easy and convenient way to support your favorite team in style. Order yours today and enjoy the game in comfort.

Sports Bottles
Quench their thirst and put your logo into their hands with custom Sports Water Bottles from PrintGlobe. They are available in a variety of styles from upscale aluminum water bottles, to custom insulated bottles, and even inexpensive bulk bottles. Ensure your next game or pep rally is a huge success by customizing your very own Reusable Water Bottles!

Spring into savings and get all of your March Madness gear for an affordable price from PrintGlobe. We have everything you need to show your spirit, inspire enthusiasm and rouse a crowd. Call today for outstanding deals on custom sports products just in time for the basketball season!

Celebrate National Pet Month with Custom Pet Promotions from PrintGlobe!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Tails are wagging because National pet month has arrived! National pet month is a great time to raise awareness about pet health and promote responsible pet ownership while promoting your business or event. Ensure your advertising reaches animal lovers everywhere with PrintGlobe’s fetching selection of personalized pet products!

Check out some of our popular custom pet giveaways and remember that healthy pets make happy pets!

Printed Pet Waste Bag Containers
Promote your next pet-centric event with these humorous dog shaped waste bag containers. Personalized pet bag holders are great for pet-friendly businesses, kennels, shelter promotions, animal campaigns, veterinary clinics and more. These eye-catching pet bag containers include twenty poly bags, a plastic carrying clip and come in two fantastic colors. You don’t have to beg for a successful pet friendly promotion. Order your very own printed pet waste bag containers!

Customized Budget Pet Food Bowls and Scoop-it Pet Bowls
Are you looking for the purr-fect personalized products for your next event or giveaway? Look no further! PrintGlobe has an excellent selection of logo pet bowls that will look spectacular imprinted with your custom artwork or logo. Our promotional food bowls are available in a variety of bold colors that will make tails wag and your logo stand out. Customized pet bowls are a great promotional item for pet supply stores, veterinary clinics, fundraisers, pet-friendly business and animal shelters.

Logo Retractable Dog Leashes
Cater to man’s best friend with logo retractable dog leashes. Custom animal friendly promotions will make a big impact at pet-friendly businesses, dog parks, pet supply stores, conventions, shelters and much more. Our printed dog leashes feature a colorful plastic holder containing a nylon leash for small dogs up to 22 pounds. Trust PrintGlobe to create your personalized dog leashes and make your promotional success a walk in the park!

Custom Dog Safe Flyers and Printed Doggie Rope Frisbees
Make pets happy while promoting your next important event with custom dog flyers and printed rope Frisbees. Our printable dog toys will make your logo soar without costing a fortune. Personalized pet toys are an effective advertising solution for pet supply companies, animal friendly businesses, tradeshow giveaways, fundraisers and veterinary clinics. Call PrintGlobe for fantastic customer service, quality pet promotions and everyday low prices!

100% All Natural Pet Treats
Treat your customers and clients with our customized 100% all natural pet treats. These fetching homemade dog treats are made with all natural human-grade ingredients, with absolutely no preservatives or fillers, and are baked in small batches so each and every order ships fresh to you. Personalized dog treats are perfect for pet supply companies, veterinary hospitals, pet-friendly businesses and appreciation gifts. Order logo dog treats from PrintGlobe and keep them coming back for more.

Stand out from the pack with promotional pet items from PrintGlobe. Let us provide you with excellent customer service, quality pet promotions and unbelievably low prices.

View our entire selection of personalized pet products for great deals that will make you howl!