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Make Tails Wag with Pet Promotional Products

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Woof! Woof! – That would be the sound I woke up to this morning. My dog Spot was up early and ready to play before the sun came up. I rolled over to see his puppy dog eyes staring at me, and it was just impossible to be mad at him. The things we do for our pets, right? As we went on our morning stroll together, I realized that National Pet Month is coming up. What is National Pet Month, you ask? Well, National Pet Month is a charity that runs from April 2nd until May 2nd. It aims to promote responsible pet ownership, increase awareness of pet services and teach the value of our companion animals.

The offices of PrintGlobe are filled with animal lovers and pet owners. We even occasionally have furry visitors coming to the office to hang out with their human pals. We love animals at PrintGlobe and that is one reason we carry such a great selection of Promotional Pet Products. What better way to promote than with fun pet products? They make pets happy and their owners even happier. Giving pets custom products makes a great impression on their human counterparts because people love their pets so much!

Some great products include; personalized dog bowls, printed food scoops and food storage containers that make feeding your furry friends memorable and fun. PrintGlobe also has a large assortment of promotional dog collars and custom dog leashes to personalize with your favorite slogan, artwork or business logo. Don’t forget the personalized dog accessories to keep your favorite pup entertained and looking good! As you can see, we carry a fun assortment of custom pet supplies that will make pets and their humans happy. Start planning your National Pet Month events now, we’d be happy to help you with any pet giveaways you may need.

Celebrate National Pet Month with Pet Promotions

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Celebrate National Pet Month with your favorite furry friends from April 3rd to May 3rd. National Pet Month strives to promote responsible pet ownership, increase public awareness of pet health, and make people aware of the benefits of pet ownership. It is the perfect time to promote with personalized pet products from PrintGlobe.

Custom Leashes and Collars
Promote your logo in style with custom leashes and collars. These animal friendly promotions will make a big impact while on the go with your furry companions. We have an excellent selection of promotional dog collars and custom dog leashes that will look sensational imprinted with your brand or artwork. Advertising with pet products is a promotional walk in the park.

Pet Bowls

Bowl them over with adorable custom printed pet bowls from PrintGlobe. Personalized dog bowls are the perfect way to cater to your customers or clients’ best friend. They make excellent gifts for pet owners and they are sure to keep your favorite feline or canine happy. Treat yourself and your four legged friends to our fantastic selection of food and water bowls.

Printed Pet Toys
Make tails wag with custom printed pet toys from PrintGlobe. Our personalized dog accessories are loved by pets and pet owners and offer a great branding opportunity for any business. They are great for veterinary clinics, pet supply stores, business promotions, animal welfare charities, schools and so much more. Order your very own fetching custom pet supplies today and save!

Pet Waste Dispensers

Promote your next pet-centric event with promotional waste bag containers from PrintGlobe. They provide a convenient way for pet owners to pick up after their pets and keep the environment clean. Pet bag holders are ideal for pet-friendly businesses, kennels, adoption centers, doggie parks, animal campaigns and more. You don’t have to beg for a successful pet promotion – order your very own custom pet supplies today!

Shop PrintGlobe for purr-fect pet products that will make your brand or slogan look sensational. Our personalized pet giveaways are an excellent way to stand out from the pack. Order yours today!